Can we believe in true love?

Yesterday, lacking inspiration (yes yes it happens to me … the fault of all my celibate friends who went on vacation without exception and who therefore no longer give me their daily debriefs. I hate you !!! J), I decides to slouch in front of a turnip on television with a small platter of sushi… yeah… the loose one!

A wedding-themed turnip (it’s been a long time!). But – like what turnips are sometimes used to make people think – this turnip inspired me …

Attention, I want to be serious for once!

You will have noticed, if you go to Catholic weddings, that with few ceremonies, the first reading is the Letter of Saint Paul the apostle to the Corinthians.

Superb reading on Love, of which here is an excerpt (if read, Catholic or not, practicing or not, whatever your beliefs, the text is beautiful, promised!):

”  I could speak all the languages ​​of the earth and the sky,

If I don’t have charity, if I miss love,

I’m just a resonating brass, (-)

I might as well have all the science of mysteries, (-)

if i miss love

I am nothing.(-)


Love takes patience

love helps,

love does not jealous,

he doesn’t boast,

do not get puffed up,

he doesn’t do anything dishonest,

he does not seek his interest,

he does not get carried away,

he does not hold a grudge,

he does not rejoice in what is wrong

but he finds joy in what is true,

he supports everything,

he trusts everything,

he hopes for everything, he endures everything

Love will never pass. 


Unfortunately, the first part of this letter is often “cut”, while it is as important as the second, since it explains why loving is vital.

The second part, for its part, describes the perfect union. This union that none of us will ever be able to make on this earth.

So we can ask ourselves the following question: ”  Isn’t it presumptuous and hypocritical to choose this text when we know very well that we will not be able to stick to it – and I would even go so far as to say that we absolutely do not believe in it? 


The answer is no, it is not presumptuous.

It is a message of hope, a message to read and reread when we doubt, when we do not feel up to it, when everyday life begins to affect the life of a couple, when our selfishness leads us to pass her happiness before that of her husband/partner/boyfriend. All couples should reread this text regularly, together… in the wonderful world of Care Bears!

Despite the trials of life, the more I “grow”, the more I believe in this True Love. The one who can make people happy, who gives to others and does not just receive.

We all made mistakes, a lot. We have been selfish, sometimes even perverse, often unlivable.


Let’s admit that our failures do not come ONLY from the other!

Maybe, if we had asked ourselves more often to meditate on our relationship and our actions, our marriage (or engagement whatever it is) would not have worked, no, but it would not have taken place. We would have realized that Love was not the word that defined the relationship we had with our spouse.

Whatever our beliefs, this definition of Love and what it generates corresponds to each of us. We can only adhere to these values.

In a totally different but no less interesting register, we can discuss at length the chapter of The Little Prince and the Fox, by Saint-Exupéry, to whom I have already referred.


But we never tire of the Little Prince!

”  Of course,” said the fox. You are still to me, a little boy quite like a hundred thousand little boys. And I don’t need you. And you do not need me any more. I am only a fox to you like a hundred thousand foxes. But, if you tame me, we’ll need each other. You will be unique in the world for me. I will be unique for you in the world  ”

In The Little Prince, we all learn the lesson from the fox: ”  If you want a friend, tame me  “.

It is through this teaching that the Little Prince comes to understand what he feels for his rose: ”  I think she tamed me  “.

The Little Prince understands that by taming, he manages to bring out from the “mass” a being who becomes, for him, “ unique in the world  ”. With these words Saint-Exupéry wants us to understand that our eyes alone cannot perceive the singularity of an individual, of a thing. The latter are locked in their appearance and it is only by taming them that we will be able to know them and appreciate their uniqueness.

”  Of course, my own rose, an ordinary passer-by would think she looked like you. But she alone is more important than all of you, since it is her that I watered. Because it is she that I put under glass. Since it is she whom I sheltered by the screen. Since it was she whose caterpillars I killed. Since it is she whom I listened to complain, or to boast, or even sometimes to be silent…  ”.

It is thanks to the sum of these efforts that the Little Prince made his rose unique in the world and that he fell in love with it.

It will take the Little Prince a year-long journey to understand his feelings for his rose. Understand that the pleasure of a meeting ends with the pain of separation.


“To tame a being is to accept to see it disappear one day or another. “

Don’t we want to be the unique person in the world of a man?

But be careful, let’s not be weak. Life has hardened us so let’s take advantage of it, make our failures a strength.

No one will come into our life if they have bad intentions, even if those intentions are unconscious and unmeasured. Let us spot the evil man from afar, further and further away, and gallop away from him.


“You have to be hurt to grow up,

we have to lose to win,

because the most important lessons in life,

we learn them through pain ”.