Better to find love “late” than waste time with the wrong person

Better to find love “late” than waste time with the wrong person

Sometimes we can have a tendency to get carried away in superficial, dead-end relationships just because society dictates to us. But when we engage with the wrong people, we step away from fulfillment and true happiness.

We shouldn’t enter into bad relationships just to gain validation from others.  Everyone is free to take their time to find love. Better to wait for the right time and be sure to make the right decision.

We often hear those around us telling us that we should get married and start a family before 30 years old. And if we still haven’t found love at 30, we tend to believe that we won’t be able to find happiness in love.

because of this belief, many people give up their dreams and goals to quickly find a partner and start a family. In doing so, these people rarely find happiness and fulfillment, because they make this choice out of fear, and not out of love.

This belief has to change, we have to stop thinking that we have to meet love before a certain age. No one is forced to be in a romantic relationship before they’re 30 or meet the love of their life in high school or college. No one is forced to put love before personal fulfillment for fear of being alone later.

In reality, it is better to find love “late” than to waste time with the wrong person. A bad relationship will leave us with deep wounds that may never heal and close us off from love.

Don’t be ashamed if you’re still single when you’re over 30.

It is better to be single and fulfilled in your personal life than in an unhappy relationship by obligation.

There is nothing shameful about being single, use this time to get to know yourself better, and attract what you really need to yourself, so you will know what makes you truly happy.

Just because all of your friends are married and have kids doesn’t mean you have to have the same life. Everyone is free to do things at their own pace, and it pays to make sure you make the right decision when you sign up, so you don’t regret your choice down the road.

Don’t get into bad relationships just to get validation from others. If you feel like it’s not the right time for you yet, don’t rush things.

Society can be very cruel with its demands. 

Don’t let her convince you to speed things up. Love is a serious commitment, not a decision to be taken lightly.

You deserve someone worthy of your love and time, who uplifts you and helps you become a better person every day. If you don’t feel ready to invest yourself fully and want to put your personal growth ahead of love, the choice is yours, and no one should be persuading you otherwise.