Forgetting a person is sometimes as good as falling in love

Forgetting a person is not just a feeling, it is a liberation of the mind.

Of course, falling in love and loving someone deeply is an amazing feeling, but forgetting can be just as well. When we forget a person, we release ourselves from pain and regain our freedom.

For some people, falling in love means completely surrendering. They start to idealize love, let go of their fears, and make lots of plans for the years to come.

Nonetheless, people tend to forget that passion often ends up weakening over the years, and ultimately both people end up with a longing for what could have come to fruition in love.

We generally believe that the majority of couples separate because of unpardonable infidelity or betrayal. And yet, relationships often end because of routine, little lies, and when there is no longer the desire to continue.

When the relationship reaches this stage, both partners suffer for weeks or even months.

We feel guilty about not being able to overcome this ordeal and believe that we are not doing enough.

But one day, we are right, and our feelings give way to common sense. We are starting to realize that love is not built on differences and that having butterflies in your stomach does not always mean that there will be a marriage.

We realize that love is not something prefabricated and that it takes two to build it. We realize that love is totally different from passion. And when we feel it all, we learn, evolve and feel alive.

However, the memories remain intact in memory and cause great pain. We begin to believe that we will never find love again because the pain is so strong.

But there comes a day when all this suffering goes away.

Desire no longer makes us suffer, we no longer think of memories and no longer think so much about the desire to be together. At this point, we realize that forgetting is as important as falling in love.

Forgetting is more than a feeling. It is a liberation of the mind. Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, but so is forgetting it.

It gives us an incredible feeling of instant freedom. Our eyes open again to life and we realize that our peace of mind is priceless.