Someone who helps you be a better person should always stay in your life

Of all those we meet throughout our lives, only those who bring us joy and merriment on a daily basis and support us to become a better person, most deserve to stay with us.

We meet many people, some are just passing through, while others remain.

But generally, it is up to us to choose who goes and who stays, and we must do so with great wisdom.

The people around us partly determine our level of fulfillment and happiness, they influence our behavior and our decisions.

It is therefore important not to let certain people play an important role in our life. We can not open up to someone who does not really have our best interests at heart and who does not wish to develop a reciprocal relationship with respect and love.

In fact, only those who bring us joy and mirth and help make us a better person should stay with us.

These are the ones that connect with us on a soul level and show us the true meaning of loyalty and mutual growth.

Through these people, we learn that we are able to improve ourselves a little more every day and that words of encouragement and comfort as well as unconditional love are able to give more meaning to our life.

Those who deserve to stay with us are meant to be there to support us every step of the way and show us that they really care about us and want to develop a relationship based on sincerity, respect, and solidarity.

And these are the same people who help us become a better person.

However, for all the affection they have for us, they won’t tell us what we want to hear just to make themselves look good and flatter our egos. 

They tell us what we need to hear, even if it’s not pleasant, they do it for our good and to get us back on track. These are the people who stay with us, despite our mistakes and mistakes.

And despite all their obligations in life, these people always find a way to help us grow, and give us pure and sincere friendship.

We live in a society where these people are rarer and rarer, because the relations are more and more interested.

Take care of those who bend over backwards to help you and who do their best to encourage you to become a better, more fulfilled person, for this is one of the greatest proofs of love you will receive.