A person often shows who they are when being contradicted

When a person is contradicted, they can rebel, harass, and try to put the other person down.

Have you ever known this kind of person in your life?

When a person is angry and upset, they can reveal their darkest secrets, for their anger breaks their mask and disrupts their reason.

Intellectual humility

Some find it hard to accept that we think differently and are upset when we do not accept their ideas. They lack intellectual humility. Intellectual humility is associated with knowing how to hear ” no, ” a negative word which is the key to knowing that will bring about positive things. To accept this, we need to be open-minded and humble to receive new knowledge.

When we learn to listen to opposing views without taking offense, we gain valuable information that helps us improve and grow emotionally.

Some adults sometimes behave like spoiled children. The adult is an evolved child, but sometimes the child is still present and reappears in spontaneous reactions. It is because the parents do everything so that the child does not feel any frustration during childhood. And when a child does not experience frustration, in adulthood he becomes particularly intransigent.

Countering a child’s impulses helps prepare him for the future and develop new formulas to achieve his goals. If he does not face any frustration, this child will grow into an adult who will not compromise. 

A person who is unable to accept opposing views causes disgust in a work environment and finds it difficult to have constructive emotional relationships. 

In the workplace, if the person is just an employee, their colleagues are likely to disapprove of them and not support them. She will also miss out on many opportunities to learn from her colleagues and even from her superiors as she is convinced that her ideas are the best.

If the uncompromising person is the boss, the owner, the entrepreneur, then his employees just don’t have a say, they’re just there to do what they’re told.

We know that failures are essential to help us grow, that it is experiences that enable us to achieve success. But the person who does not admit to being upset pretends not to know it. This creates an unbearable atmosphere at work.

In an emotional and/or loving relationship, the person who does not accept being upset lives by imposing his will, and generally takes weak and submissive partners so as not to have to give in.

She distances herself from the relationship as soon as she feels that her weaknesses and flaws have been discovered.

  • Are you unable to accept opposing views? 
  • When you are upset, do you feel humiliated and rejected? 

Stop and think:

if you don’t have the same opinion, there is a reason. Either you are wrong and you have to stop and analyze your behavior, or the other is wrong. But to find out, you have to open up and listen to the other. Think about everything that has been said without being offended.

Learn to discuss and present your points of view, but also be sure to respect the opinions of others in a logical, rational and patient way. Therefore:

– Evolve and mature! This step is necessary. Your immature and uncompromising behavior has probably done a lot of damage to your relationships already. 

– Stop imposing your ideas on others and learn to develop intellectual humility.

– Frustration is essential for the development of emotional intelligence. It helps us to identify ourselves as human beings like others and to develop empathy and compassion.

– Be humble and learn to listen to others. With goodwill, you will find that others will notice your evolution, they will realize that living with you will become more pleasant.

Those who can’t stand being contradicted can be insecure and self-centered. They may feel the need to assert themselves and put themselves on a pedestal. They usually pose as the victims, as this is how they manage to escape confrontation.


When someone expresses a point of view that is contrary to yours, be patient, take deep breaths to 10, say you have to go for a few minutes.

Think until you can handle the information and criticism better, then think about the pros and cons. 

No need to get upset, stomp, or get angry to impose your opinions, because this is unlikely to work and people will end up distancing themselves.