Don’t run behind someone. Be with the one yes the one who wants to walk beside you

In love, you are either next to the one you love or you are not. 

Running after someone is not something to do.

It is terrible for those who sue and even worse for those who are persecuted. It destroys the self-esteem of one and destroys the peace of the other.

People who are willing to live after anyone have let go of their self-esteem. And I feel like only one really loves someone who loves themselves first. After all, who can give what they don’t have?

He who loves himself does not need to pursue anyone. Those who love each other go on with their lives and those who want them to walk alongside them.

Hopefully, if the paths coincide, and when the wills meet, there will be two people walking together in life. Side by side, always. Never one in front and the other behind.

Those who enjoy living in someone else’s wake, like police vehicles chasing a fugitive, lack self-esteem.

Behind us, we only run away from our dreams, our goals, our objects of desire. Not the people. People meet, they don’t chase each other.

Going in search of love is different. We take a sincere taste for ourselves, we take care of ourselves and we show our best person.

As a result, it also gives the right person reason to love us. We love each other and therefore find someone else’s love. It’s quite different than chasing someone.

Those who think differently from me will excuse me. But may life save me from the illusion of one day agreeing to run after someone and protect me from anyone, by mistake, who decides to pursue me.

Like-minded people walk side by side.