For me, the wise woman is built, she loves and values ​​herself!

For me, the wise woman builds herself, loves herself, and values ​​herself. She does not sacrifice her dignity and her happiness to make someone happy, without reciprocity.

She believes in equality, she believes in people who complement each other, not people who seek to complete each other with the help of someone else. Because the wise woman is complete, even when she is alone and in a couple, she gives and receives love, respect and is respected, in the same proportion.

And if not, she just says no.

The wise woman follows no one and does not believe that her place is behind a great man.

The wise woman just wants someone to walk beside her. Not in front, not behind, but together, for unity is strength. 

My view of wisdom is always based on respect, balance, and equality. 

And in love, it comes down to reciprocity. In all directions.

I have never believed and I will never believe that a woman subjected to the impositions of a society or an individual is wise, nor happy. 

And it’s good if there is someone who lives this happy. After all, it’s all about choice.

But I want to live in a world where people don’t distort certain principles and are not so extreme and intolerant.

This vision of equality must come from women.

We deserve to be treated as we would like, yes, and that our freedom and happiness are never conditioned by the wishes, standards, and impositions of others.