Become strong and don’t suffer for love

We were born to love. So why do we suffer for love?

This questioning leads me to think about romantic love and it is usually this love that makes you suffer the most. You suffer a lot as a teenager and continue into adulthood

  • But what is it that leads to this suffering? 
  • Is there a way to eliminate it? 
  • Is our idea of ​​love good?

To stop suffering for love, we need to understand some issues that are not learned in school and that no one teaches us along the way. You learn by experience.

To love another person, you first have to love yourself. Be happy with who you are, enjoy your own company, and then share that love with someone else.

Do you think you will find the love of your life and all issues will be solved? Pure illusion. The first task is to love yourself. But what to do to love each other more?

Loving yourself means improving your self-esteem, being happy in your job, feeling good about yourself, looking at yourself in the mirror, and appreciating what you see. And when it comes time to open your heart and share your love with someone else, you need to understand that you don’t have to sacrifice anything for the other person. 

Self-sabotaging is being afraid of being alone. And if there is fear, it indicates that you are not yet ready to share your love 100%.

Take an assessment and think about how you really feel and whether the other person has come to add or subtract value from your life. It is therefore important to make sure that no one destroys what you took a long time to build in yourself in terms of self-awareness, self-esteem, security, and self-confidence. You have to love yourself first and take care of yourself like you take care of a child.

We came into the world to practice love. Love for neighbor, but above all love for ourselves.

Loving yourself is not selfishness. Self-love is necessary to be able to meet our basic love needs so that we can then share it with others.

Love is peace, joy, health, and well-being.

What do you want from a relationship (whether romantic, friendly, or sibling)? What are you worth? These questions are important for you to think about and answer.

It is love and respect for yourself and for life that will make you want to share this gift in relationships.

If you are not yet at this point, maybe it is time to start a journey and go within to find out what you can do to love yourself more and live in harmony with yourself.

Remember that no one can meet our needs. It is your task. At the start of a relationship, don’t expect anything in return. In fact, if you have good self-esteem, you will give without worrying about receiving.

When you reach this stage you will be fully satisfied and at peace.