Why you’ve already met your soul mate

Love is love. No love is better than the other. 

The love of a family member, friend, or lover. This is all love. We seek love, yet we have so often the opportunity to experience it. We are surrounded by love. It’s in every little detail and every big moment.

In a way, a soul mate completes you for a time. A soul mate is, perhaps more directly, a soul meeting. Your soul finds another soul and this soul association creates something indispensable and important. It can be romantic love, friendship love, family love, or any other definition of love that isn’t necessary. All love is love.

We can have a soul relationship with a lot of people. 

In fact, we do. There is not just one soul mate. There can be a lot of them and they join us on our journey of life for an indefinite period of time and they allow us to grow. They challenge us. They show us where we need to heal.

For me, a soul mate is someone who breaks down the barriers that we have to love. 

It comes in and disrupts our lives in different ways. She is this new friend that we meet, like a friend with whom we have reconnected, not a new friend that we have just met. She is that cousin with whom we share a bond that far transcends any other relationship in our family. 

She is that person we can call after months of not speaking and pick up where we left off. She is that love that brings out the anger we need to heal, the insecurity we face, the parts of us that we hide that need light.

Everything is important.

It’s all part of love. You can’t make a distinction.

Because it is by making a distinction that we suffer. We see our lack of love constantly. We think we are without love, without a soul mate, but they are there, all around us. We just don’t know how to see it. We have a reduced version of love, soul mates, and in our desire to fulfill that narrow version we lose the chance to see that we are given the chance to love at all times.

At all times in our life, we ​​are trying to find the purest love. 

We want this transcendent love. Yet, we believe that this kind of love only exists with one person we must find and commit to forever. However, for me we can experience pure love with any relationship. 

We can experience humility, vulnerability, trust, and defenselessness in all kinds of relationships. We can remain open to anyone we choose and especially to those who come into our lives as soul mates.

A soul mate is a soul bond between two people.

But it’s a challenge, because it opens our hearts in a way that allows for deep restructuring. We shouldn’t underestimate a soul-binding relationship just because it doesn’t pair with romantic love. Because it allows us to grow and heal. That’s the point. To become “one”. And it shows up in our lives at times, for reasons we don’t know, but find out over time.

If we continue to approach every relationship with this idea, that our soul has chosen that person for a time, then we see new meaning. We see that no love is better than another love. We see the beautiful and fragile meeting of the soul which is before us. 

We learn to appreciate it and be grateful for the love that has been given to us, at this point in our life, and we focus body and soul on it. We surrender to the greater purpose of life, without really understanding what it is, just telling ourselves that, if we can manage to devote our time to our love, then everything will be taken for granted. We will no longer feel lack, for we will always be in abundance.