8 qualities of a woman with a complicated past that make her a great partner

A lot of people fear being with different people. What they don’t know is that it’s a good idea to connect with someone who has a story rooted in a deep interpersonal experience. Take the idea of ​​the woman with a ” complicated past . Of course, at first glance, she may appear to have a tough demeanor, but this is her armor and she wears it with great pride.

The complicated woman is not the one who shuns her truth. Additionally, she has a sense of self-determination which she has developed through her past romantic experiences. On the other hand, he is a constantly evolving being, able to adapt to any situation. This is the result of having gone through the ups and downs that come with relationships. Furthermore, she is in a constant state of development, seeking to find her one true love. 

She’s a girl who has become a multifaceted woman and who, in the end, could be ideal. She’s a being who isn’t afraid of her feelings because she’s been through it all. 

Here are the 8 qualities of a woman with a complicated past that make her an excellent partner: 

1. She is sure of herself

She has a certain degree of certainty about her chosen partners. She’s not the type to have fun, even if we take her for a heart breaker. This woman just might be the best thing that can happen to you. On the other hand, she has a level of depth that most people don’t understand and her background contributes to her overall sense of security. She has learned a little more about herself with each failed relationship and her attitude towards love evolves with each time. Besides, she loves the adventures that come with the ups and downs of love.

2. She comes from a place of suffering:

This woman is not afraid of pain. She experienced the emotions of breakups and reconciliations, knowing that she came out stronger. She’s whole, because the complexity of the injury she suffered has given her the power to know that she can weather any storm. With each relationship failure, she has come to realize who she is and the type of partner she envisions. 

3. She doesn’t want to waste her time

She is able to detect when and where a situation may lead. She has had painful experiences, which have taught her to be independent and to move quickly through any time she feels like she is lost in a romantic relationship. Once she has chosen her partner, she wants to explore the endless possibilities that may present themselves.

4. Among the qualities of a woman with a complicated past, we find loyalty and fidelity.

She is a loyal, honest, and faithful partner. Indeed, once she finds her true love, she will cherish him for the rest of her life, if possible. On the other hand, she does not take her choices lightly and is able to make a long-term commitment. In addition, she will appreciate the bond established with her partner because he will remind her of all the things that she let go to be here. She will be happy and secure in her relationship because she knows she’s been through a lot to get there.

5. She knows what she deserves

This woman went through many trials and tribulations. So, she is determined to be successful in all aspects of her life, including love. On the other hand, she is a wise soul and she will not stop until she has achieved all of her professional goals. And more importantly, she will pursue her goal of finding the life partner that she has been waiting for a long time.

6. One of the qualities of a woman with a complicated past is her resilience.

The woman with a complicated past possesses a strength that does not reflect her past. She behaves gracefully and moves forward in her life with a subtle combative nature. Thus, it allows him to build and rebuild, facing challenges along the way. She is a born fighter and when it comes to loving her, she cares about a man who will love her despite his strength. She is resilient in the face of pain and suffering because she knows she deserves better. She also sees the big picture and this is what keeps her up with every heartbreak.

7. She is independent

She has been in contact with others at different stages of her life. This bothers her because she is generally a self-sufficient woman. She’s the kind of person who will make her partner feel financially secure without her success hanging over her head. She refuses to depend on others because in the past she has been disappointed to be betrayed by those she thought she could count on. On the other hand, this woman will rarely ask you for help. And when she does, know it’s because she thinks your relationship is a safe space for her to do it.

8. She’s here for the long haul

The most complex thing about this woman is that although she is difficult to understand, she is easy to love. She has become a very confident woman, very independent, kind, generous, and warm when she is in love. She will hold on to her partner and protect their relationship. On the other hand, she has become a private person in her relationships, even though her heart bursts with pride at having found the one she wanted.

The person she took a long time to meet. The one for whom she will abandon her heart in this life and the next. Even though it can be difficult to deal with, at the end of your romantic journey together you will realize that the love you share is based on the beautiful surroundings, born out of your desire to stay together, in love, in the light. and in harmony.