4 behaviors that can differentiate healthy from toxic relationships

It is completely normal to make mistakes in a relationship. However, healthy relationships require work and effort. Read on to discover five habits that differentiate healthy from toxic relationships. You will also find some tips to improve your romantic relationships.


1. We cannot erase the past, but we can learn to face it.

Many people will tell us that we have to release the past or leave it behind. But we will never forget the past, and why should we? It is thanks to him that we are here today.

Everything we encountered, whether good or bad, was a learning experience designed to help us evolve. People in healthy relationships haven’t suddenly given up on their wounds, they’ve learned to transform them. Indeed, they have learned to honor their past.

These people bring with them the appreciation of each moment and respect for their origin and what they have been through in their current relationship.

2. Compromise is the key: it’s not always 50/50

Sometimes it’s 90/10 and that’s normal. But what is not normal is to remain in this imbalance. We all go through certain periods that sometimes prevent us from being fully invested in a relationship.

Those in a healthy relationship understand that sometimes it is necessary to give a little more when our partner is preoccupied with something else. It could be his job or personal issues. If we talk about it openly and honestly, we can give a little more while our partner’s attention is diverted elsewhere.

On the other hand, what is not normal is that this imbalance is part of everyday life. One person cannot be the backbone of the whole relationship, as the very definition of a relationship involves the participation of another for a common purpose.

3. Honesty is essential for a healthy relationship

When we are in a healthy relationship, it is important, to be honest. Whether it’s where we’re going on a Saturday afternoon or something trickier to confess, we have to be honest.

It can take a long time for us to realize that no one is there to encroach on our space. But we can still be independent and open, which is what people do in healthy relationships.

4. Silence is deadly. Communication must be daily.

Do you always ignore your partner when you are angry? This trend is dangerous because it destroys many relationships.

Those with healthy, long-term relationships understand that the key to everything comes down to effective communication.

There will always be times when we are angry with our partner. We won’t always agree and sometimes we can say hurtful things even if it isn’t intentional.

It’s in our nature.

It is how we deal with times of tension that determines whether we continue on the path to a happy and healthy relationship or whether we are headed for a breakup.

We need to talk about what’s bothering us. Obviously, it is better to wait until you are calm before talking about it, otherwise, there could be hurtful comments.

However, speaking calmly about what is bothering us is key to solving problems. Our partner cannot guess how we are feeling. So we need to create a space for everyone to share their feelings safely.