7 mistakes to avoid in a relationship with a woman

“Love is the greatest refreshment in life. ~ Pablo Picasso

Picasso’s artistic style varied over periods that could be marked by the phases of his heart. His blue/green period came after the suicide of his friend Carlos Casagemas.

Many of these points are also valid for women with respect to their partner.

While her pink period gave birth to her love for the bohemian artist Fernande Olivier. We are all artists in creating our own lives. And although we know that love is the greatest gift we can give, and the greatest gift we can receive, keeping love alive amid the inevitable wear and tear of time is true art. that we must master.

Here are 7 mistakes to avoid in a relationship with a woman

1. Stop holding her hand and looking her in the eye

Women fall in love with the little details.

We believe it is the big gestures that enter a woman’s heart. But in reality, it’s the little details that go deep into her psyche. Holding her hand for no reason and looking her in the eye when you talk to her activates her feelings for you. Touching her hair and kissing her goodbye are the little golden moments she remembers when you’re not together.

We all know the fastest way to kill love is to take someone for granted. Small actions are therefore the first thing to do to avoid this. So if you take it for granted, you risk losing it.

2. Do not seek to know her.

When she realizes that you don’t really know her, that you don’t understand her, or that you don’t know any of her secrets, she will realize that she doesn’t matter to you and will leave. For a short time, you may be able to focus his attention on his physical appearance. But women are smart, eventually, she will sense your lack of connection.

3. Do not listen to her when she talks to you or even worse, interrupt her when she shares her heart by correcting her or giving solutions to her problems.

Women solve problems and relieve stress by talking to someone who listens to them. If you don’t listen to her, she will speak faster and faster, repeat herself constantly, and get stronger and more emotional and emotional until one day she doesn’t even try anymore. At this point, the sound of his silence will tell you that the end is near.

4. Don’t make her feel safe in your relationship.

Be defensive when she asks you questions.

When a woman falls deeply in love with you, she pulls back a bit, then tests you and questions your actions, words, and motives to see if you really care about her. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together for a month or years, she will always test you. A man who is able to keep his wife answers tests and questions fearlessly.

5. Make your privacy the absolute expression of your love.

Kiss her only when you feel like having s**x. When you kiss her, if she isn’t in the mood for s**x, she won’t respond. If you don’t flirt and seduce her all day long, don’t expect her to respond to you with passion.

6. Stop joking or making her laugh.

Humor is the glue of the couple. Indeed, this is what makes him happy in the long term. So don’t start ignoring the little things that might make you laugh when you’re together. If you start to take yourself too seriously, she’ll leave thinking you were too busy to play.

7. You disengage with her by constantly using your phone.

You might think that the calls, texts, and emails she leaves out when she’s with you aren’t really as important as yours. But know that over time, it will give you all the space you need with your phone.

It’s time to stop thinking about what you want to create and start creating. Unfortunately, too many of us put in a little effort and then switch to autopilot, forgetting that we have to practice to master the art of love. Yet when we put in the effort, we create a masterpiece that we never tire of.