You will realize the value of your partner once it is too late

A good man or woman deserves to be invested. Don’t assume that a person who loves you will stay with you whatever you do, or wait until you decide what you want in life, build your career, or decide. finally to settle down and live happily ever after.

It would be amazing if we lived in a romantic comedy. But this is far from reality. Because nowadays a woman will give you a chance. Maybe a second, a third, or even a fifth.

But when she decides it’s over, there will be no going back. There is nothing more you can do to make her change her mind.

Women are capable of giving a lot of chances, sometimes you don’t deserve them. They do this because they often fall in love with the potential they see in a person. A woman believes in you even if you don’t. She believes that you can live up to your abilities and that one day you will change and be a good man for her.

This is why many women stay in bad relationships.

But when a woman realizes that she has given a man enough chances, there is no turning back.

You can always try to justify yourself and feed your ego by saying that she wouldn’t have left you if it had been the right one.

But the truth is, no sane person can be invited to stay and wait to see you pull yourself together. No woman deserves to live a life filled with stress, pain, and drama. No one has the right to imprison another human being while waiting to find out what they want out of life.

You will regret losing this woman because she was with you when you were at the bottom of your life. She supported you, believed in you, and was by your side when no one was there.

You will regret losing her and realize the value of your partner when you meet other women who will love you when you are well. But who will leave as soon as you go through a difficult time.

And it will be in those moments that you finally realize how lucky you were. You had a good woman who accompanied you, who did everything for you, who supported you, and who loved you from the depths of her being.