4 questions to ask yourself that can be a reason for breaking up

When I find myself in a relationship that’s at a crossroads and I don’t know if things will work out. It helps me ask myself very personalized, decisive questions.

I had the opportunity to formulate these questions in my various relationships.

I use it as a reference to my own idea of ​​how I want to live my life, ethically, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

I think we should all have our own decisive questions that we should ask ourselves every now and then. Especially when we are in a new relationship.

It’s one way of knowing if our relationship is going to last or if we don’t want to get past these things after the honeymoon phase is over.

Question # 1: Does the person like/want to have a pet?

The animals are very important to me, they will always be part of my life. If the person does not like animals and is not considering changing their mind. I would say that in the long run, this could be a reason for breaking up.

Question # 2: Does the person enjoy being outside as much as I do?

If the person prefers to be more indoors than outdoors, this could create problems in the long run.

There’s nothing wrong with preferring one or the other – I tend to prefer having new experiences. Like traveling, meeting people, visiting interesting places, and seeing things that inspire me, rather than reading a book quietly in an armchair.

I enjoy both types of learning, it’s just that in my life, I prefer to have new experiences more.

I know that sometimes relationships work great when two people have completely different relationships. I just wish I had the kind of relationship where we do things together and have fun together. So there must be at least one small similarity.

Question # 3: Does the person see things the same way?

If the person doesn’t want a future child telling us they’re gay or lesbian, we might bump into the way we view things in the future.

This is something useful that really deserves a conversation.

This will likely raise other areas where there will be differences of opinion.

Question # 4: Does the person like the same style of conversation?

I wish I could have life-changing conversations for the person I am with, they are essential to keep my relationship alive.

I am talking about philosophy, spirituality, and travel experiences. I had my first love at first sight for this very reason: I couldn’t do without it.

I think it’s necessary to take a break every now and then, reconnect with these things and see if we’ve lost sight of our own personal ethics.