This is what it feels like when your partner has been unfaithful

Cheating on someone who loves us is hands down one of the worst things we can do. For you, it is just a game, but for the other person maybe it said it all.

Whether or not you do it to fill a void or just for the thrill, when you cheat on someone, you do more than hurt them.

You may not know the consequences of your actions, but know that for a deceived person, they will be haunted forever.

The person experiences a mixture of heartache, anger, regret, anguish, and shame.

When you cheat on someone, you tell them that they are not good enough for you. You tell her that your feelings were pure blast, and your love an illusion.

You may not agree, but how can you put a person you really love in such a position?

Make her doubt her self-confidence?

Make her question everything she thought she knew about you?

” Did I do something wrong? “
” What could I have done that this never happens? “
” Why did this happen? “
” Am I not good enough? “
” Why did you do that? “

– You will always ask yourself these questions if your partner has been unfaithful.

You are not cheating on someone you love.

When you cheat on your partner, he will be left emotionally scarred forever. He will create protection around his heart because he will never want to be hurt in this way again.

He won’t let just anyone in; and even if he does eventually let someone in, he will remain on his guard.

He will be paranoid, and you can’t blame him. Even if he finds himself in a new happy relationship, he will carry the hurt and emotional baggage of the previous relationship into his new relationship, whether consciously or not, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

He will always be suspicious but don’t blame him, he is just afraid of going through the same situation again, and he is unable to go through something so painful again.

He will want to trust again, but he will struggle. It will take forever to learn to trust and be fine. Even if he comes to the rational conclusion that not everyone is unfaithful like his ex, he will still be afraid that his future partner is too.

Because of the infidelity, that person will be an emotional wreck, and will spend every moment of their existence trying not to imagine the worst because they will think they are totally destroyed.

When you cheat on someone, this is what it means: “I don’t love you. I don’t respect you and I don’t care about you. I wasn’t thinking about us and how it would affect us. I only thought of myself. “

When you really love your partner, it means you respect them. And when you cheat on it, you are betraying it all. Loyalty is fundamental in any relationship, it’s a given.

If you think you don’t love your partner anymore, go away but don’t cheat on them, because that’s the worst damage you can do to someone who loves you.