Why it’s important not to ignore your intuition in relationships

I think deep down we fear finding out our own truth.

Whether the truth in question appears in the form of words or deeds associated with love, life, or career choices, we usually know more than we think.

Deep down we already know the truth, and it is rarely beautiful.

If I had followed my own intuition many years ago, I would have heeded the recurring warnings and my marriage would not have ended in divorce.

I found myself in intense and confusing disagreements, both inside and out, very early on in the relationship, and I quickly felt like I was living in a constant power struggle with my husband and also his family.

I was unaware that for most of my adult life, I always needed to justify everything to almost everyone who crossed my path – justify, explain, seek approval, prove my worth, over and over again. I never really understood how damaging my need to justify everything would be to my voice and my self-confidence.

In the context of these uncomfortable discussions with his family, I surrendered when I said “I guess you are right”.

I went to see my partner, hoping he would ease this tension with his family. I was convinced he would understand why I could be so hurt. I thought that if he opened my heart to him about the situation, he would stand up for me.

But instead, his family came first and he demanded that I apologize to them.

My modest apology was greeted with the phrase “Sorry you took it that way,” a phrase that left little room for mutual healing or true forgiveness.

Here is what my sense of internal anguish was telling me:

“At the heart of my being, I am convinced that I am not mistaken in this situation and I am made to feel guilty. It is unfair. “

Just feeling the need to question a certain truth – whether it’s our own or that of a partner, should cause us to think about the situation or relationship before moving forward.

This feeling is so important, it’s about our intuition.

I had to find the courage to seek the help of a therapist to find out if I was too emotional or irrational in my expectations of what love and support should look like in a relationship, or if my reactions were. justified.

In fact, I happened to be right.

I heaved a big sigh of relief when the therapist told me that I was absolutely not crazy. I had to listen to the signs that the universe offered me.

Listening to your intuition and accepting the truth about a situation tends to be the road less traveled, as we have to overcome our fears.

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves to listen to our intuition:

“Why does the idea of ​​taking on this new role leave me with more questions than good feelings? “

“Why can’t I get rid of this feeling that he/she isn’t telling me the whole truth or hiding something?” “

“Why don’t I feel like myself when I’m with this person?” “

If we take a deep breath we will realize that our soul already knows the truth, and you are likely to not appreciate what your soul has to say.

Yet, as truth seekers and conscious and authentic beings, we must find the strength and courage to listen to our inner consciousness.

For that, you just have to be resilient enough to listen to what she has to tell us.