Ending a relationship is sometimes an act of love

It’s me who decides to turn the page, who accepts the pain that I miss you, who wakes me up every day and approaches the street corners on which we used to walk, the cafes where we used to have our habits.

Every day when I wake up I realize what I am missing, but I accept the fact that it is now my life now, that this is how it will be.

It is I who understand that it is normal for my heart to say your name. But it is also I who understand that life goes on.

One day, I will find love again, and my hands will not shake with the heaviness of it all.

I am the one who decides to turn the page and accept the fact that we will no longer make memories together. I deal with the reality of a future without you.

It is I who understand that you will do everything we talked about:

you will live a life to be proud of, you will become the person you so hoped you can become, you will take the trips, the experiences and all the things that you will want to live – deeply, completely and with every square inch of your being, but all this will happen without me.

It’s me who decides to turn the page and who accepts that you do too. I’m realizing that someone is going to fall in love with your light, that someone else will be your biggest fan.

I hope you find the love you deserve, someone who inspires you.

It is I who hope that you will find a person who will raise the deepest points of your being, a person who will be both your safe place and your greatest adventure.

I hope you will find true happiness one day.

I’m the one who turns the page.

It is I who accept that sometimes great things end, who understand that there is nothing I can say or do to fix this problem. I accept that sometimes leaving is also an act of love.

That sometimes you have to get away from something sweet and real.

It is I who understand that the ends should not be disordered.

It’s me who understands how amazing it is, that for a while, in a world full of billions of people, two strangers were in the right place, at the right time, and something happened between them. I realize we were the luckiest.

At one point, we braved the odds.