Why you should marry someone who will love you with great depth

You deserve to be loved fiercely and with deep intensity, as if you were made of magic. The kind of sparkling magic you experience when you’re kneeling in Balinese water and the blue phosphorescence shining on your feet after midnight, a beach-side bonfire roaring some fifty yards behind you.

Pick a partner who prefers to spend the evening with you, a fireplace, little or no clothing, and the kind of solace that occurs when your limbs intertwine and the depth of your conversation becomes the entertainment of your evening.

Look for a partner who wants to know your fears, worries, insecurities, phobias, and doubts and who still wants to love you intensely.

A partner who revere you.

The days when her love seems too deep, too penetrating, are just there to remind you why you deserve this.

Marry someone who will be there to help you get through all of life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Someone who lovingly listens to how your day unfolds and knows exactly when to step away from your own rough seas when the pressure of life is too great for you to overcome without help.

Pick someone who will also be there to let you know when your thoughts are too out of touch with reality and you might hurt yourself by staying in your stories.

Someone who will be able to play a perfectly timed prank on you to get you out of your anxious head and back into your body.

Choose a partner who understands that love comes through the little things.

A partner who leaves little words of love that you can find scattered throughout your life.

And when you inevitably go through tough times, be sure to put yourself with someone who can look you deep in the eye and say, “We’re going to be successful. There is nothing to be afraid of. “

Someone who just wants to witness the ever-increasing evolution of your life, who doesn’t see your successes as a threat, who relishes them.

Choose someone who loves you so much that they will set you free on all levels. A person whose love sets you free and makes you believe that anything is possible in life. This partner will open his world to you and you will gladly do the same for him.

Yes, marry someone like that, and you will begin to access a depth of love that you have never had before.