I will choose you in the midst of all suffering because love is a decision

We have hurt each other several times already, we cannot deny that. Whether unintentional or intentional. We hurled insults, howled in anger, we had arguments.

We have had some disappointments and there are still issues to be resolved. We wanted to give up on several occasions, to break up, and never to see each other again. We tried to separate and we went too far. But despite this, I will always choose you in the midst of suffering.

I will always choose you because I am committed to you.

When I gave you my heart, I swore you would have it forever. I promised myself that I would be mature enough not to go off with someone better. Because in reality, there isn’t. I couldn’t be so happy with someone else. You have flaws, and so do I. Our relationship will never be perfect.

It is for this reason that we associate love with commitment. It helps us choose to stay even though our relationship is flawed. And I’m happy to make a commitment to you because I see how we are growing together. How we make things better. How we heal with learning.

I will choose you anyway because love is a decision.

I loved you because I wanted to spread my affection on you. It all started with an attraction, it’s true. Yes, it started with admiration for what you do and for your qualities. But once I liked you, it became a daily choice. Even when there is nothing left to admire. Choosing to love you is choosing to win a battle.

I’ll choose you anyway because I can’t imagine my future without you.

I can’t imagine sharing my warmth with anyone other than you. Attachment is the basis of our love. Love will always light our way together. He will lead us down the road of that elusive thing called forever.

I will choose you anyway because I see all the efforts you make to try to improve the situation.

As soon as we meet, we meet halfway. You won’t let me travel the distance between us. You don’t let me fix everything on my own. I can still feel your presence even when we are not keeping in touch.

You are as committed to me as I am to you. And even though we’re on the verge of losing the love, you still beckon me to go back to find out where and why we started. And that’s what I like best about you.

I will always choose you, regardless. Because being with you has made my world so much better.