When you are in a relationship, it will take you to reconsider your priorities

When you’re in a relationship, you need to review your priorities

When you truly love your partner, it becomes natural to review your priorities. This does not mean that everything else in your life becomes useless. That’s not why you let your closest friends down, either.

It doesn’t mean that you give up on your dreams and sacrifice your values to make room for your partner. It just means that you spend time with him, that you take his feelings into consideration. This means that in your eyes, his happiness matters as much as yours.

When you love your partner, you can’t spontaneously choose the option that improves your day without thinking about your romantic partner. You can’t make selfish decisions that will affect him too. You need to take some time to think about whether it helps to accept a colleague’s invitation to have a drink and come home late, to ruin the dinner he made for you. When you love your partner deeply, you make tough decisions every day.

But just because you put your partner at the top of your priority list doesn’t mean that you make them your number one priority every day. There will be days when you have an important meeting and cannot text him when he has an urgent question for you. There will be evenings when you leave him alone because you promised a close friend to go out with him on his birthday.

Your partner can’t expect you to drop everything for them. He can’t expect you to give him every second of your life and put him first every day because life doesn’t work that way.

But, in general, you should prioritize it. As a rule, your main concern is his happiness.

When you love your partner, you avoid looking at your phone when he’s trying to have a conversation with you over dinner. You avoid spending too much time away from him. You avoid hurting his feelings with short, cold answers because seeing him sad would break your heart.

When you love your partner deeply, you do everything to take care of them, even if it gives you extra work. You schedule appointments, answer messages. You arrive on time and surprise him with affection. You never feel like you’re wasting your time, you know your energy is being put to good use.

When you love your partner, you make sure that those around you appreciate them. You make sure that he feels like an important part of your world because if he starts to wonder what he means to you, he might just leave overnight.