Why am I still single? : 7 reasons that can explain it

We must recognize that our life is the result of the choices we make every day. There are things that are going on that are totally out of your control, but if you are facing a recurring problem in your life, now is the time to seriously review your identity.

There is a reason why you are single and, know that you have much of your relationship status under control. There are some things you can do to increase your chances of meeting a partner.

Here are 7 reasons that may explain why you are still single:

1. You have an oversized ego

You consider yourself too good to think that no one is good enough to be with you. Some people may even have this trait without realizing it. So here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out if you have an ego problem. Do you think your purpose in life is higher than others?

Do you quickly find that other people are not as good as you are?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be single because you have an oversized ego. You are so critical and crush people so quickly that your demographic of potential partners makes it statistically unlikely that you will find a relationship.

2. You don’t go out enough

If you want to improve your chances of ending your single life, you need to go out and meet lots of people, even if you are an introvert. Unfortunately, partners potential will not happen magically if you stay home to watch television.

3. You haven’t turned the page with your ex

You can swear you did, but it’s time to be honest with yourself. Have you tried to contact him? Do you follow him on social networks? Do you still keep his gifts in the hope that he will one day come back?

Believe it or not, it’s obvious when you haven’t turned the page with your ex, it shows subconsciously through your speech, actions, and body language. If you find yourself in this situation, try to take a step back and stay single for your own sake. You need time to heal.

4. You are too mysterious

Looking mysterious can be seductive, but it shouldn’t be over the top. If you want to connect with people on a deeper level, you will need to make yourself vulnerable and reveal uncomfortable aspects of your identity and your life that make you who you are.

5. You are too independent

In a relationship, there are two people. If you think you’re going to get into a relationship without sacrificing anything, you’re going straight into the wall. Whether it’s your time, routine, diet, etc., you need to be able to exercise some flexibility if you want potential partners to believe that they can cohabit with you.

If you are not ready to compromise, then maybe deep down you are not ready to be in a serious relationship.

6. You are too picky

If you’re a little picky, you should get back to reality. No one is perfect, everyone will have quirks that may seem strange to you. Don’t worry about the small details; they don’t mean anything because they have no effect on a person’s ability to be a good partner. Be selective but don’t be fussy.

7. Your self-esteem is too low

A common trait among people with low self-esteem is that they overthink. For example, if someone asks them to go out, they will ask themselves millions of things like, “why would he want to date me?” “What does he expect from me?” “Is this a joke? people with low self-esteem are the opposite of people with oversized egos.

Unfortunately, your low self-esteem can repel potential partners for good relationships. There is no quick fix to this, because building self-confidence is a long and chaotic road. Nevertheless, never forget that everyone deserves to be loved.