To be able to love a person you have to be able to love their flaws

When you love someone, you accept them exactly as they are, with their qualities as well as their faults. You can’t imagine how perfect this relationship would be if he changed a thing or two about himself.

You are happy with him as he is. You wouldn’t even dare to ask him to change because you fell in love with an imperfect person and it would be unfair to ask him to be someone else.

When you love someone, you accept their little quirks. You accept his past. You accept whatever he has to give you.

It doesn’t mean that he can afford to treat you badly and that you have to be quiet at such times. It also doesn’t mean that you have to make excuses for him when he acts badly.

If he is ever disrespectful to you, if his behavior is unacceptable to you, then you must go. You need to stop trying to fix what’s broken and do what’s best for you by walking away from that person.

However, if you are in a healthy relationship where you respect and are true to each other, things are different.

When you love someone, you understand when they argue with you for no apparent reason or act suspiciously towards you. You might not be happy with the way he treats you. You realize the situation looks different from her perspective.

When you love someone, you accept their apologies once they realize they’ve messed it up because you know deep down it isn’t their fault. That something happened in her life, a scar that never healed.

When you love someone, you give them another chance as long as they promise to work on their behavior and make an effort to make your relationship better. You give him the opportunity to do it right.

You don’t blame him for having trust issues. You don’t make him feel guilty about the lingering pain he’s still trying to overcome. You support him. You encourage him. You are by his side and help him in any way you can.

When you love someone, you never throw their flaws right in their face. You never use his trauma as weapons against him when you argue. You never make him feel worse than he already feels.

When you love someone, you do your best to understand what they’ve been through. You invite him to open up to you. You listen to his stories. You are present when he cries.

When you love someone, you become like a team. You each try to find ways to help each other. You do your best to convince him that history won’t repeat itself because you will never hurt him.

When you love someone, you don’t need to be perfect as long as they are perfect in your eyes.