69 things a gentleman should be able to do to have a relationship with you

Here is a list of 69 things a gentleman should be able to do when he is with you:

1. Offer a real date.

2. Hold the door as you pass.

3. Pull up your chair so you can sit down.

4. Take your jacket or coat.

5. Remain seated at the table when you get up.

6. Let you order your meal first.

7. Pay for both of you.

8. Stand on the roadside of the sidewalk.

9. Always have a handkerchief with him, just “in case”.

10. Accompany you to your front door.

11. Want to meet your parents.

12. Introduce yourself to your family.

13. Say “Thanks for the date, it was awesome” to each of them.

14. Take you when you need to go somewhere.

15. Introduce yourself to loved ones.

16. Respond quickly to messages you send him.

17. Support you in everything you do.

18. Don’t immediately want yourself in bed.

19. Take care of yourself when you have had too many drinks.

20. Ask how you are doing and be interested in the answer.

21. Speak with confidence about the future.

22. Pay for your taxi.

23. Love to kiss your forehead.

24. Learn what you like to do to make yourself happy.

25. Know how to read yourself like an open book and guess when you are not doing well.

26. Make you feel butterflies in your stomach.

27. Take your hand when the two of you are walking.

28. Kiss you because he is proud that you are his partner.

29. Push yourself to be better without trying to change your character.

30. Respect your privacy.

31. Admire the life you have outside of your relationship.

32. Do not be possessive or jealous.

33. Teach you what you can’t do without putting yourself down.

34. Make you cry with laughter.

35. Have interesting and in-depth conversation topics.

36. Make an effort when you argue and don’t run away.

37. Help you achieve your goals.

38. Always be there when you need his help or comfort.

39. Never cancel your appointments or postpone them when he does.

40. Show you the places he prefers to go.

41. Having trust and loyalty as the main values.

42. Remember little details about yourself.

43. Ask you to send her a message indicating that you have returned home.

44. Going out with your family and you should be fun for him.

45. Don’t be disturbed when you sing at the top of your lungs in the car.

46. You laugh even by message.

47. Take an interest in whether or not you had a good day.

48. Do not make you doubt the feelings he feels for you.

49. Say often that he is proud of you.

50. Worship when you are dressed simply, for example in pajamas with your hair tied up.

51. Know when to apologize and how to act with you.

52. Travel even miles just to spend time with you.

53. Have something to tell you every time you see each other.

54. Help you step out of your comfort zone.

55. You take something when he orders food even if you say you are not hungry because he knows that you will end up nibbling on his plate.

56. Have a passion for his job.

57. Continue to seduce each other even if you are already dating. 

58. Often you will recommend food, a place, a music or even a movie that he liked.

59. Always wanting to have physical contact with you by holding your hand or putting your arm around your neck when going for a walk.

60. Hate when you take the whole quilt away from him.

61. Or that you sleep on his side of the bed.

62. Make you mature.

63. In the morning, sleep in if you wish and prepare breakfast for yourself.

64. Knowing how to reason with yourself when you are wrong.

65. Thanks to him, you must better understand why your old relationships have failed.

66. Be a man of confidence.

67. Don’t be afraid to call yourself “honey”.

68. Love yourself in good times and bad times.

69. Don’t be bothered to say “I love you” first.