Everything will be better the day you meet your soul mate

Everything will be better the day you meet your soul mate

All this insomnia,   these heartaches. All these abandonments, these love at first sight. All those times when you had doubts about yourself and about love. All of this will no longer exist when certain things come to you and you can finally say to yourself ”  so that’s what I’ve been waiting for all this time  .

You were waiting for this moment. You were expecting this feeling. But it’s only when she’s there that you’ll know it.

You will know it because suddenly everything will be better.

You will no longer wonder if you can really believe in love, in being able to meet a person and say to yourself “he is the one I was waiting for”. You will also no longer wonder if you are still capable of having feelings because they will be there, them, and the butterflies that you will feel in your belly from the moment you find your soul mate.

There will be only one word to describe this emotion, and that is love.

The days when you were defeatist, when you felt defeated, when the love you gave to people was not returned to you. They won’t matter to you anymore. All these trying moments will be very far from your thoughts because you will only think of one thing: this person who loves you and whom you love each other. Nothing else will matter .

These sentences will no longer be bad memories in your eyes, but just obstacles to cross on the path that led you to it. It is thanks to them that you are that person today who can love and be loved. You will no longer get stuck in the past and instead think about the future.

Because this person loves you as you wanted to be loved and especially to your true value.

You would never have thought that but sometimes you will even start to smile in front of songs or love movies that you found stupid, you will find meaning in some poems. Quite simply because all this was before meeting this person. You will feel so much happiness that everything that was gray in your old life will gradually take on color.

You will feel soothed. Everything will be better. Your heart will be lighter. You will say what you always wanted to say: “that’s it, I found my other half”. And you are proud of it.

Your life will have changed completely.

Just be patient so that you are ready to welcome him into your life.