The way you treat your partner might make her leave you even though she loves you

You will likely lose this person if you never give them the priority they deserve.

If you always treat her as a second option, even if you mean everything to her. You will lose her if you never give her the affection she needs.

She might leave if you constantly try to silence her because her presence makes you uncomfortable, even though she does everything she can to make your life easier. She always tries harder to try to fill you with happiness, but you don’t even seem to notice it. You never let her in.

You never let it go all the way. You still refuse to give her any insight into your life because she has laid her heart bare for you. You will likely lose her if you continue to blur the lines of your relationship. You never give her the kind of security she needs to feel good with you.

You never give her the kind of consistency that she needs.

You’re never there when she needs you the most, even though she never lets you down when you need her. She was always 100 percent dedicated to the relationship even if you rarely gave her anything.

She always went out of her way to give you the best. All you’ve given him is a world of gray.

She knows that you are lying to her, but she chooses to overlook these lies because she cares too much about you.

You hurt her as soon as you decide that she doesn’t deserve your honesty, but she hides her suffering because she would rather live a hurtful life with you rather than a life without you. But if you keep lying to her at this rate, she will eventually say stop and leave you. She will soon begin to understand that your lies are no longer worth anything and will ask people around her.

Eventually, she will get tired of all your lies because she never lied to you. She has always been totally honest with you, but you never felt that she deserved your honesty as well.

You will probably lose her when you refuse to sign up.

She will always want to choose you. She will always put your needs before hers.

She will always want to make you happy, even if for that she has to compromise her own development. This person just wants you to make a commitment to them, and tell them that they are the only one for you.

But if you aren’t able to give her what she expects from you, she will eventually leave. You will certainly lose her if you make her feel like she has no value and has nothing to offer.

She would do pretty much anything for you, but you never seem to show her the kind of appreciation she expects. You never make her think that whatever she does will always be enough for you. In the end, she will give up because she will realize that no one effort in the world will be enough to get you to do what she wants you to do.

The more you treat it as an object of pleasure, the more you will lose it. You will lose it if you continue to treat it as a tool, as a means to an end.

She wants to be your final destination. She wants to be what you want most in the world. One day you will wake up and realize that you should have treated her better. And when that day comes, she’ll probably be gone for a while.