23 proofs that he really loves you

1. You don’t find him weird when he talks about your future plans, whether it’s a concert or a family wedding where he wants to introduce you as his guest.

2. When he goes to the bar to get another drink, he takes one more for you without asking because he knows your tastes and knows exactly what you are ordering.

3. When you tell him you are having a bad day, he wonders why and sends you messages to cheer you up or offers to come see you at work at the end of the day.

4. He leaves his phone behind when he is with you, especially when you are at the table

5. He remembers things you said only once or twice, like your uncle’s first name or a sport you played as a child.

6. He feels obligated to plan outings with you by setting a precise date and time, he does not just suggest that you spend time together without talking about it again afterwards.

7. To please you, he cooks you food although he is not very good in the kitchen.

8. He doesn’t mind putting you first and coming to see you when he was supposed to go out with friends.

9. Sometimes you see him looking at you while you were performing an action such as washing the dishes and you weren’t necessarily lending to him.

10. He wonders about your life and those around you, he wants to know as much as possible about you.

11. He asks you a lot of questions about your job and wants to know if you like your job or not.

12.… and when you give him the answer to his questions, he stares you in the eye and gives you a listening ear. He doesn’t look at his phone or anywhere else.

13. He tells you about his family, letting you understand that you will meet them one day.

14. He feels obligated to introduce you to his group of friends.

15.… and when he does, his friends are interested in meeting you and getting to know you, surely it means that they’ve heard a lot from you before.

16. When you laugh he can’t help but do the same.

17. When you go out, he sometimes buys you your favorite cakes or sweets and is happy to surprise you.

18. He does everything to be able to see you.

19.… even if you are at the other end of town.

20. During the day he often sends you unnecessary messages, it just means that he wants to talk to you.

21. He does not forget the names of your friends and the things you tell him about because he is interested in you.

22. He wants to know and have good relations with your male friends, will not be jealous, and will not see them as threats.

23. A smile will automatically appear on his face when he is with you. Pay attention to this, because while it seems obvious, it is not. He has a smile that he does not know how to remove from his face and so do you because this smile is contagious.