I don’t just want a partner, I also want a best friend, a confidant

True intimacy isn’t just about sharing your body. Being truly intimate with a person means being able to share your soul with them.

One can easily find a partner. There are a lot of men and women who just want physical privacy and not be alone. They love the first contact, the first kiss, the first night together.

But for me, just being physically intimate with someone is not enough. I want to be able to share more than my body, I want to share my soul with this person.

I want my partner to also be my best friend, my confidant.

I want to be able to cry in front of my partner and feel comfortable. I want to have someone hug me when I wake up and kiss me right after I wake up. I want kisses and messy hair.

I want to see a football game with him, drink beer, and laugh out loud. I want to see the sparkle in his eyes and grab my hand as soon as his team scores a goal.

I want to travel and discover the world by his side. I want to try exotic and delicious meals and watch the sunsets hand in hand. I want to get lost in another country, and wander the streets with it.

But sometimes I want to sit on the couch and watch a Netflix movie with him in his pajamas. I want us to gorge ourselves on snacks all day.

I want us to sit on the same side of the table because I can’t stand when there is too much distance between us.

I want to receive funny messages and have a smile all day long. I want to meet his family and he meet mine, and we found one together afterwards.

I want to laugh and cry with him, be silly with him, celebrate successes, and endure what life puts in our way together, hand in hand.