What if your intelligence was the cause of your celibacy?

If really smart people stay single for so long, it’s because it is often difficult for them to find love quickly.

If you can see the glass half full and not the other way around, not being in a relationship is something extremely pleasant. It may even be one of the best times of your life as you are free to experience all the things life can give you and most importantly get to know yourself better.

Being single doesn’t mean being alone at all, unlike most people might think. It’s just a passage in life that everyone has to go through. It’s important to come together at one point or another between yourself and yourself, understand your thoughts, and know what you want to become.

It also happens from time to time that you remain single for a long time not by will but only because you have not found your other half. You are not interested in petty flirtations and the like, because you feel that you can have a much better relationship by being patient.

One of the primary reasons you go without a partner for a while is your intelligence. The smarter you are, the longer it will take for the ideal person to arrive and the less easy it will be for you to find true love.


Here are 6 reasons why these individuals take longer to find love: 

1. They are aware of themselves

They know who they are, what they want, what annoys them or on the contrary attracts them to others.

Being self-aware can also mean that they want to stay single because they have decided to do so. They know how to make the most of their single life and don’t need a partner. Or, they have this need to be with a smart person too so that they are on an equal footing. Indeed, an intelligent person would not stand being in a relationship with someone who gets angry over trivial things.

2. They have requirements

Granted, we all pretty much have requirements and conditions before we can get down with someone. But unlike others, intelligent people only want to choose their partner from among those who meet their requirements. If they can’t find a matching partner, they might prefer not to be with her. Conversely, they also agree not to match someone’s criteria.

3. They are less likely to find someone who is an intellectual match for them.

One of the main requirements of any relationship is obviously intellectual compatibility. Indeed, speaking, exchanging, debating, and exploring new ideas are among the essential things that we do as a couple and it is essential that the duo be at the same level intellectually.

There are so many endearing people out there, but meeting someone at this level is very complex. Thus, it takes a long time to finally find the rare pearl.

4. They get bored quickly and need constant stimulation

The worry smart people also face is getting bored quickly. The moment they have grasped and analyzed the person, they suddenly lose all their interest in him. They are like that, they have this constant need to learn new things and to have new opinions.

This means that the partner must be as innovative and active as them.

5. Intelligence can be a downside

Intelligent people are often people who think a lot. They sometimes spend a lot of time alone with their thoughts, and these thoughts are mostly numerous and random.

So this is also why not everyone can meet their expectations. Someone who can understand their desires as well as give them the time they need might fulfill them, but finding that person is a difficult task.

6. They analyze others a lot

Finally, intelligent people easily analyze others. They quickly understand that we are lying to them or trying to abuse them. What they like is the franchise.

Many people don’t often tell the truth, even about trivial things. But this is exactly the kind of behavior that smart people hate.