7 reasons to date someone with a complicated past

Why date someone who has a difficult past

This person may have had other partners before you. But maybe you will be the last who knows.

This person has already felt the ups and downs that love can offer, and all the nuances of all the emotions that life can throw at them.

But here are 7 reasons to date someone with a complicated past:

1. She’s strong.

After each breakup, this person was forced to rebuild himself several times, each time becoming a little stronger.

She is not invincible, but she is becoming so more and more. She is well aware of her strength and she knows what she can do on her own.

2. She depends only on her.

She has already trusted someone else and has been hurt several times. She knows what it’s like to depend on another person and won’t make that mistake again. She is self-reliant and knows that the only person she can truly rely on is herself. She values ​​her independence very much.

3. She knows what she wants.

This person has probably suffered a lot in past relationships. Maybe her heart was broken or she broke it on her own. Each relationship familiarizes us a little better with our own heart and after each breakup we become more aware of the next partner we want in our life.

4. She won’t waste your time.

Her past relationships may have wasted her time and effort. If she sees that a relationship isn’t working, she’ll end it quickly, because she knows that hanging on for too long can hurt a lot more.

5. She loves with all her being.

When that person meets someone who appreciates them, they will love them with their whole being. She knows what it’s like to be with someone who doesn’t love her, so if she meets someone who loves her, she won’t let him go.

6. She knows what she is worth.

A person with a complicated past knows how they deserve to be treated and they will let you know if you don’t treat them accordingly.

She will refuse to be a doormat or an emotional dumping ground. She will challenge you and make you a stronger partner.

7. She knows suffering.

She has had other experiences and knows how much you can suffer. This person will do anything to avoid making someone else feel the same pain.