Why you shouldn’t feel guilty for being too clingy

You don’t have to apologize for being too kind, too attached, too caring, and too loving.

Don’t apologize for sending messages every now and then. To respond too quickly, or to take too long. You don’t have to feel guilty for wanting to hang out with your loved ones, and you don’t have to be mistaken if you’re upset with the way your name appears on your Messenger. Don’t apologize for telling them I love you at least a million times.

Never apologize for starting the conversation or being the last to answer. When you enthusiastically listen and respond to what they are saying and they don’t do the same when you share your thoughts, don’t be disappointed. Don’t imagine that it’s your fault if you get hurt if people can’t do the same for you. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t view this as a weakness. Don’t question your worth.

You are not desperate, you just know how to make your love come true.

You just know how to make sure people know they mean a lot to you. You are good at expressing your affection. Don’t try to change. Don’t think of attachment as bad. If the people you love are leaving because of the way you show them your love, let them go.

Let them go because sooner or later they will want your sweetness and your kindness, and they will want the expression of your love. They will hardly fall asleep because they will not have received any message from you and no one will have asked them how their day went. They will never be able to open up like they did with you again. They will look at their phone sometimes to see if your name appears on it and realize your worth. They will remember how much they took you for granted.

They will miss you very much.

In the end, they are the ones who will have lost you. They will have lost a precious gem. They will have lost someone who knew how to take care of them and give them a lot of love and will never find that again.

You deserve someone as clingy as you, who can appreciate the value of your presence and who doesn’t see you as a nuisance. So never apologize for being too clingy because if people walk away from you you know the right people will take their place to appreciate you.