Be patient, love will find you soon

There will come a day when love will find you. And he’ll come your way and say, “Sorry, it took a long time. This love will kiss you, softly, before catching its breath and grabbing your hand in a way that means it will never leave you again. Then he’ll tell you why you had to live without him until now.

“I’ve climbed so many hills that I can’t count them anymore. I went through so many dark tunnels that I never thought I would see the light again. And I got lost in the dark forests, dragged old skeletons for miles because I couldn’t get rid of them, I didn’t think I would make it out of the dark. I spent many nights sleeping on cold, hard rocks. But sometimes I got lucky and fell asleep breathing fresh air under a galaxy of stars. ”

He will smile, and kiss you once again. This time it will animate the flame that will burn throughout your body. And he will continue.

“I managed to survive long distances in the desert alone. But as soon as I didn’t think I could continue any further, somehow, more stunts came to quench my thirst. I think my spirit guides had something to do with it, but I can’t be sure. I once traded a piece of my heart for bamboo sticks to build a life raft, and then I went on an adventure in rough seas.

I almost drowned, but gentle waves brought me back to shore. It was on this beach under the palm trees that I kissed an angel who gave me the strength to continue. This is also where I borrowed the wings of a devil. He told me not to fly too high, too close to the sun, but he never mentioned that flying too low was much more dangerous. I almost landed in the ocean but made it back to dry land safely. I think I haven’t always made the best choices. I regret doing some things of course, but everything I did, I did for you. Have I ever told you that you are beautiful? ”

He will pause to devour you with his eyes, to admire the wonderful being that you are. Then he will finish.

“There is something funny. Along the way, I found courage, resilience, kindness, and compassion. I learned to ask for help and to speak my truth openly without fear. I learned to listen, to compromise, to love, to forgive, and to let go. I learned to accept the unknown, to take care of myself, but above all, I learned to love myself. I discovered something much bigger than what I thought I was looking for. I found myself. And then you were there. ”

By then you will understand that maybe the reason you weren’t ready was that he wasn’t either. That we all take a trip, and when the time is right, your lives intersect and you instantly recognize yourself. You will share your stories, all that you have endured, good and bad, then you will continue to walk, hand in hand, living new adventures together and you will take the same path.

The next time you start to lose faith in love, just know it’s going to happen. And send her all the love you have in your heart. Because one day you can tell him it was you. He needs your love and strength now, as much as he will need when you meet him. Keep walking on your path, keep sharing your heart, it will meet you very soon.