5 simple truths about relationships you need to know

So much has been written about relationships that it is sometimes difficult to determine what is true and what is not.

We’ve put together some relationship stereotypes that you can immediately dismiss.

1. There must be passion at the start.

Not all relationships start with incredible infatuation.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention not only to the passion and sparks, but also to a sense of security and comfort that you feel (or not) around a person. For a strong relationship, it’s much more important if you can laugh together and trust each other.

2. Happy partners have the same interests.

Each person has their own interests and hobbies.  Don’t think that if you love opera and your potential partner enjoys rafting, you will have nothing to say and be miserable together. On the contrary, personal interests will make you more attractive in the eyes of your partner. 

3. Happy couples never argue.

Couples without problems are usually on their way to a breakup. We’re not saying bad language or abuse is a good thing, but petty quarrels shouldn’t worry you.

They happen to everyone, and this is how you and your partner get to understand each other better. Reconciliation is always nice too.

4. Happy partners love each other’s family and friends.

Don’t expect your partner to love your family and friends unconditionally. You also don’t have to be a fan of your partner’s family. 

You only choose each other for the relationship. After that, you just need to organize the interaction with the others so that no one is insulted. The key is to communicate your expectations and limitations to yourself and your respective families.


5. Happy couples are always together.

If you think that the partners of happy couples never separate, that is an illusion. Sooner or later everyone wants to spend some time alone. 

In harmonious unions, the partners understand this and quietly give each other a personal space. You should never blame yourself for wanting this.

A little rest from family chores is necessary. It doesn’t mean you’ve stopped loving your partner – on the contrary, it helps preserve feelings or even inject new energy into the relationship.


Most of the time, we learn the characteristics of a “perfect” relationship from movies … But they have little to do with reality. Remember that when you notice your partner’s little flaws, they make them real.