8 harmful behaviors to avoid that can destroy marriages

8 things to avoid in a relationship that can be bad for the relationship

1. Having too high expectations

The last thing your partner needs to hear is that he/she is not meeting your unrealistic expectations. Please don’t compare your partner’s body, budget skills, or parenting skills to one place or another.

Your comparisons will over time crush their self-esteem. Show kindness, tolerance, patience, and flexibility.

2. Losing your temper

Yelling at your partner is not appropriate, effective, or helpful. Hitting is completely unthinkable. Getting angry, becoming violent, throwing things away, and uttering threats are all forms of abuse. You can learn to control your mood. You can learn to respond calmly and lovingly.

3. Lie and cheat

If you think you can sneak up with your coworker and your partner will never know, then you are covering your face and waking up will be very painful. Don’t forget about everything that really matters for a moment of fleeting pleasure. Choose honesty, loyalty. Keep your promises to your partner. He/she deserves all of this and more.

4. Criticize the person

Don’t get caught up in criticizing your partner. Choose to see his qualities. Compliment all the things he/she is doing. The next time you feel like telling him / her something that you don’t like about him/her, give him/her a sincere compliment instead.

5. Do not give him any news for the day

You are lucky to have a husband/wife, don’t forget that. Don’t be too busy to call or text her to find out how her day is going. The next time you see him/her, give him a big hug and tell him that you love him/her. Let her know it’s your top priority, before work or time spent with friends. Talk to her about your day, thoughts, worries, and fun experiences.

6. Use bad language

Watch your language. Work on yourself to stop swearing, and eliminate foul language from your vocabulary. You might be amazed at all the other words available to express your feelings.

7. Have control over your partner

Believe it or not, you are not always right. And your partner may very well make their own decisions (and usually he/she makes very good decisions). So stop feeling like you have to control your every move. Instead, work as a team, encouraging and supporting each other.

8. Treat your partner like an object

Male or female, your partner is not an object. This is your man/woman, your best friend. Your partner deserves your utmost respect, especially when it comes to your privacy. Intimate relationship can be the most unifying, fulfilling, and beautiful thing in marriage when you both treat each other with respect.

Now, if you find yourself in any of these bad behaviors, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, decide to be better and make changes. Make it happen that you have that happy marriage you’ve always wanted.