Caring too much about other people.

I will always be the person who texts first.

The person who looks at their phone twice rather than once to see if I have a message from you.

The person who will respond quickly and that, no matter how much time has passed between my message and the response.

The person who can’t hide their emotions.

I will always be the person who makes plans.

The one who invests more time, more feelings, more effort if I think you are worth it.

I’m always going to be the one who falls too fast for someone.

And that, no matter how many times I got stuck to the ground.

The truth is, I can’t learn from my mistakes.

And sometimes I wish it was so.

I am that person who will always try a little too hard for someone.

Someone who will give 1000% for everyone, all the time.

And worrying too much about other people.

The truth is, I will always care more about others than I care about myself.

I am that person who is constantly trying.

The one who is tired, worn out, just more able to continue, but who always finds the energy to take another step for others.

And that even if I was let down most of the time.

I hate being asked the question “Would he do the same for you.”

Because the answer would be NO.

But I have never based my existence on what other people think, or on how other people act.

I’ve always acted my way, the way I feel.

I am that person who takes care of everything.

Even when it’s long and difficult.

But I got used to it.

Because that’s how I am deep inside me.

And if I let someone down, I really take it personally.

My life is trying to make other people happy.

And above all, it is too often taken for granted.

People sometimes ask me why I try so hard.

And sometimes I wonder myself.

Sometimes I wish I could care less about other people.

To be someone who doesn’t take things so seriously.

I would like to be normal for once.

Work for myself.

Because it seems that the hearts that care too much are always the ones that get hurt the most.