5 things girls all do while waiting for a text from a guy

What do you do while waiting for a message from a guy you like?

We saw each other, and we didn’t, except that he no longer answered our last text, no call either, and it’s panic! Having become completely dependent on our cell phone, we behave in a strange way, sometimes even a little silly while waiting for Monsieur to deign to think of us and for the phone to finally beep or ring. Here are 5 crazy things that we do in this interminable wait.

1.Look at the phone, just the phone

Here, your mobile has become your reason for existing, at least for this day, and maybe more … You must absolutely fix it and leave aside any other activity until the arrival of a message, because nothing It is more important than to wait for it to ring even if it means staying there for hours, even skipping meals. But will this change things? Maybe this is another way to test or improve your telepathic faculties, but in any case, the result is long overdue …

2.Trap the phone around

It’s because you are so waiting for this text that would give the signal the start to any relationship that you will not want to miss the boat. Besides, you even take him to the bathroom. But yes, anything can happen in the space of a pee, which is why you keep the door open when watching your favorite shows. So, you find yourself doing your business with your phone prominently placed on the floor or on the paper roll. You stare at him, hoping for a little text.

3.Call your best friend, the one who knows everything

It’s not that you call your best friend all the time to tell you anything, but this is a case of extreme urgency since you find yourself completely helpless, helpless, and under the yoke of the slightest vibration. phone. You want then the famous advice of Monique, she, who has always been endowed with an exemplary clairvoyance, in any case between you two. However, if she announces the verdict that you have taken a real rake and the guy in question does not want to see you, surely she is wrong you are telling yourself. Otherwise, she can simply reassure you by saying that it has only been 5 hours since you last saw each other and that you have to wait.

4.Try to find a reason for this silence

He might not have his phone with him, but no, most people have their cell phones around the clock, like you do now. Doesn’t he want to be disturbed? OK, sure, he’s on another hit. Otherwise, he lent his phone … maybe not, because in real life, the mobile is not suitable, but anything can happen! Maybe he even got his phone stolen in the street just when he’s supposed to be sending you the infamous text to fix the next date. You really want to justify this radio silence, and you are still tempted to call Monique back about it. Alas, you are tired of hearing him throw his thoughtful sentence at you: “Another sucker who does not show any sign of life, you are really unlucky my darling!” “.

5.Remember the last time you saw him

You really want to go back to the source to find the flaw, and in that sense, you try to analyze its behavior when you last saw each other. His head movements, his language twitches, his words… everything goes with a fine-tooth comb. You play it Sherlock Homes with thesis, antithesis and synthesis! But all that, to achieve nothing, and it’s already been a good 2 hours that you are still there waiting.

6.Restart the phone

In desperation, you end up telling yourself that your phone must have some problem. You review it in detail, if it ever went into silent or airplane mode without you knowing it, but no, everything is in order. So, you turn it off, then turn it back on. A bug, a message that wants to get across, but does not succeed … it is quite credible. You will even go so far as to call yourself from another phone, all this to find out if it rings and even rather very loud, but damn it!