9 things to think about before breaking up

Before ending a relationship, you have to think carefully to avoid regrets!

You are fed up with your love life, because the flame has gradually died out. Monotony, argument, lack of affection… the reasons for breaking up, you have several, but you still hesitate. No matter what choice you make in your head, there are always questions and “ifs”. Before finishing it definitively, below are some thoughts that you should know.

1.Do you have any projects?

You’ve been together for a long time, and you’ve never talked about the future with him. Neither he nor you have ever tackled the subject of living together, of starting a family, of buying a car for the two of you… Without any plans for the future, your couple heads straight for separation, so it is better to end it right now.

2. Do you see yourself with him in the future?

In five years, professionally speaking, you can already see yourself holding a higher paying position in the company where you are now, but with your boyfriend, how do you see him? If you see yourself married with children running around next to your current sweetheart, stay or fly away.

3.Do you still love her/him?

He has been sharing your life for a while, but the passion from the beginning has slowly vanished. You have tried everything to rekindle the flame and preserve your love, but to no avail. However, do you still love him? Only you know the answer. If your heart isn’t beating for him anymore, and you find your romance no longer worth it, just go.

4. What do you hate about him?

Before accepting his invitation to go out with him, you must have weighed the “pros” and “against”, and the former has won it. Now do the same again, but list what you love and hate about him. Once you’ve figured out all its good points and all its flaws, take a look at which way the scales are tipping. All you have to do is choose.

5. Does he make you happy?

Do you enjoy the times you spend with him? Do you like or disgust waking up next to him every morning? All of these questions can define the level of happiness you experience with this man. If you’re happy, all the better if not, pack your bags and go.

6. Do you share the same ambitions?

Before you make the decision to let go of your romance, first make sure that you have the same ambitions and life plans so that you don’t waste time. What’s the point of staying with this man if he doesn’t even think about committing? Find yourself another guy who has the same vision as you.

7.What does he bring you?

Is he always there when you need him? Does he really meet your expectations? What does he really bring to you in life? Does he really know you? Does he always find the words to console you during difficult times? If the answers to these questions are all negative, breaking up is the best solution.

8.  Do you want to fight for this relationship?

Arguments are an integral part of life together. But in your relationship, each time, it is you who try to find a solution, sometimes you even agree to take the blame so as not to make matters worse. Despite your best efforts, nothing gets better, and you are fed up. You can’t seem to be happy, and the worst part is that you don’t see yourself with him at all in your future. In this kind of situation, you certainly know what you have to do.

9. Can you do better?

Be honest, and ask yourself if you can beat him. With his countless flaws, will you find someone like him? Will you easily meet someone with whom you share such a bond? So think carefully before you decide.