9 ways to know it’s him

Little buddies, you’ve had quite a few, but this might just be the one!

Despite the romantic failures you have experienced in the past, you have not yet given up hope. Moreover, now you are with the one you love and who loves you more than anything, those bad times have become distant memories. You think you’ve met the right one, the one who could be your future husband, but for fear of reliving a painful separation, you doubt. Below are the means to find out if it is HIM.

1.His words of love go straight to your little heart

The repeated failures of love have hardened you to such an extent that the charm of your suitors no longer affects you. But when you met him, love took precedence over your independence and confidence. His words of love and his “I love you” pierce your heart, it beats so fast that you have the impression of having traveled 200 meters in ten seconds.

2.Your girlfriends crack on him

For the ultimate test, you presented him to your BFFs, result: they find him super cute, and a few of them are downright falling for him. Surely you don’t expect him to do so well. In addition, he wowed them with his very endearing personality, and he knew how to amuse the whole gang by making them laugh with his jokes. Sociable by nature, he gets along well with everyone.

3.You are jealous

Since you started dating you’ve grown jealous, not like those girls with sick jealousy, but just a little bit. When you go shopping together, you see the saleswomen spinning around him, doing his favors while you get nothing. But on your side, you do everything to show them that he is your man.

4.You get younger

You are reliving a new youth because you are in love. When he’s not around, you put on his t-shirt and scent just to feel his presence. In your phone, his photo has become your favorite wallpaper. When he calls, his name is surrounded by little hearts.

5.He is your topic of discussion

You are so in love and carried away by your feelings that you can’t seem to hold back with your BFFs by just talking about him. Not just your friends or family, but almost everyone. When you go out to shop, you talk to your neighbor, to your grocer… You like all topics of discussion as long as they are part of them.

6.He turns you into a teenage girl

You were one of the ones to point fingers at couples kissing in public, but now that you’re in love, so are you. Unconsciously, no matter where you are, you like to make and receive little kisses on the forehead, on the neck… You also hold his hand without ever wanting to release him.

7.You have loads of nicknames for him

You rarely call him by his first name. Love inspires you, suddenly you have tons of nicknames for him, and oddly enough, that fits him very well. You find that calling him”my heart”, “my barley sugar”, “my loulou” or even “my love” is more affectionate, and it shows how much you love her.

8.You want to meet his mother

When you were with your ex, you never wanted to meet your stepmom, and you always made excuses not to go. But with your current boyfriend, you want to be a part of his life and his family so much that you’re ready to meet his mom. Since he loves you, he reassured you by telling you that you are the ideal girl and that his mother will adore you.

9.with him, you forget everything

You had a crazy day at work, on top of that, you missed the metro to get home. Once at home, everything goes wrong, the water heater does not work, therefore, no shower, you forgot to do the shopping, suddenly, the fridge is empty … Only problems, but despite that, when it comes knocking on your door, you forget everything. His presence erases all your worries as if nothing had happened.