6 reasons for breaking up mentioned by women

The reasons that make girls leave a relationship!

Love is beautiful, love is magic, love gives wings… But when you face these hazards, it’s chaos, and it’s difficult to get up. Sometimes, we give up quickly without bothering to find solutions to the problems, and we rush directly towards the rupture. Below are the reasons for ruptures mentioned by the women.

1.The flame has gone out

To form a couple, you need love and without that, everything goes wrong. At first, there was love at first sight, and the flame set in, then it grew day by day. Over time, it begins to gradually dissipate and eventually dies off completely. Almost 40% of women say they saw the flame disappear, and this is the main cause of separation, because without love, the couple has no reason to exist.

2.The endless arguments

In the life of two, there are ups and downs, and that’s what makes the relationship strong, especially if the lovers can overcome problems together. So arguments are normal, but if they are repetitive, it can end up killing love completely. But in most cases for women, breaking up is the most effective and popular way to lead a quieter life.

3.Lack of ambition

Most women always see something new in their future, better than the present. They have in them a desire to project themselves far, whether it concerns their professional life or that of their couple. If their partner lacks willpower and doesn’t agree with them on these points, their relationship might end sooner than expected.

4.The deception

No one, whether male or female, appreciates being cheated on. Infidelity is one of the worst love killers. If the woman learns that her partner has been unfaithful, the chance that she will accept it is almost zero. She does not tolerate this act of betrayal, the result: a return to celibate life.

5.The single life

For women, celibacy is a very simple solution to escape marriage problems. In order to regain their freedom, they think that becoming single again is the best way out. This is why they prefer to leave their partner to enjoy life to the fullest.

6.The entourage

In a romantic relationship, there is always a person or people, whether family or friends, who speak badly about the partner or the relationship itself. They do not hesitate to make a comparison with the ex, only in order to manage to destroy the relationship. Most of the time, around 20% of women decide to end their romance because of this situation.