7 qualities that make you beautiful and attractive

Apparently, the physique is not the only asset that makes you beautiful and attractive!

Physical appearance is one of the essential criteria of beauty especially for girls, but it is not everything. Apart from an Apollo body, it takes something else to become both beautiful and attractive. These are qualities in themselves, and they matter more than the physical. To enlighten you on the subject, below is the list of assets that make it even more attractive.

1.The commitment

Nothing is more attractive than a man who is not afraid to put his heart and soul into whatever he does to get what he really wants. With you, nothing is ever impossible, and you know how to show it to others. This quality still makes you very beautiful, and unfortunately, it is rarely seen in men because it does not combine with a dream physique.

2. sensuality

Having the face of an angel does not necessarily mean being attractive and sensual. Sensuality rhymes with charisma, good attitude and self-confidence. So, you don’t have to have a bar of chocolate, broad shoulders or an amazing body to be beautiful and attractive as well as to release sensuality, one more quality to make women fall.

3.sense of humor

If there are two men, both very handsome: one with a sense of humor and the other super serious, chances are the first has a lot more suitors than the second. A sense of humor is a rare quality that can make you a thousand times better than others. Love and humor go hand in hand then, don’t be afraid of being silly, and be funnier. In addition, it gives you fishing since it is beneficial for health.


Grace, no matter what physique you have, you have to have it to appear beautiful and attractive. Being gracious is a beautiful quality which is associated with the beauty of the gesture. Good body language can help you have this quality. Whatever rhythm your body takes, the way you dance, walk or just move, you must learn to do them with ease and elegance.


Lack of confidence locks a person in their bubble, and it’s really heartbreaking especially if they’re a handsome boy. To boost your self-confidence, take your courage in both hands, and impose yourself regardless of the situation you are in. Always hold your head up high, and don’t be afraid when you have things to say. However, having confidence doesn’t mean doing everything that pops into your head, it also means thinking before you act.


Determination is one of the rare qualities that sets a guy apart from others. The fact that you have confidence in yourself, that you don’t doubt and that you never give up makes you more than attractive. When you show determination and know how to show others that you never let go, you will gain more by pretending.

7. intelligence

To have intelligence, you do not necessarily have to go to grandes écoles and have many diplomas in your pocket. Above all else, intelligence is defined by an ability to adapt and a faculty to judge. If you know how to easily infiltrate any group of people and react quickly to any situation, you are special, intelligent and attractive.