Do you want to make your first date a success? Avoid these things!

A lot of people mess up on a first date with a romantic twist because they don’t know how to sort things out. There are some talking points that should not be brought up on a first date. This is certainly the reason why you missed so many opportunities.

To avoid this meeting being the first, but also the last, here are 4 discussion topics not to keep.

Talk about your s**xual experiences and the last time

How do you feel about having a discussion on such a subject on your first date? You risk leaving a bad image of yourself. That would mean that you don’t have a sense of privacy. The first date is not the moment when we bring up the subject of s**x.

Talking about your exes

Now is not the right time to talk about it. You are not going to annoy your partner with your stories! You are trying to build something new, so leave the past to the past.

Talk about the difficulties you have experienced in life

Do not seek to inspire pity. He / she won’t accept you because you pity him / her. On the contrary, that person will run away from you. Show yourself worthy!

Reveal everything you own

It is not wise. You don’t know the person in front of you yet. Now is not the time to tell him that you own houses, cars etc. That person can say yes to you just because of all of these things.