How to be happy as a couple: find happiness with your other half

Couples with exceptional longevity leave you dreaming, at a time when zapping even reaches love … How do couples manage to be happy, to love their other half, to savor their happiness of living together, over the years?

How to be happy as a couple: happiness in the long term

Happiness, this emotion that we would like to know better, in the hope of reaching it, seems an ideal even more difficult to achieve as a couple, as a couple, than individually. It is already difficult to access happiness on a personal basis, so as a couple, it just seems utopian! And at a time when a third of marriages end in divorce, how to be happy as a couple, over time? When we question people who have lived happily as a couple for many years, it turns out that happy unions have overcome a fundamental pitfall: the transformation of love-passion, at the beginning of the romantic relationship, into love. solid.

The two partners have learned to accept the faults of the other, erased during the early stages of the fusional passion. They also knew how to go through the sensitive stages of married life together: sharing daily life, the arrival of children, routine, etc. So many headings that can trigger storms within the couple …

Happiness as a couple: overcoming challenges together

Because the lesson in life for happy couples is this. They insist that they have been able to find happiness in hardship. To overcome the vagaries of life, to overcome the exasperation linked to the faults of the other, it is necessary to be animated by the desire that the couple continues at all costs, in particular by always privileging the communication. Three precepts seem to dominate in couples who resist the passage of time: the necessary self-acceptance, expressiveness within the couple, the will to progress together. Three principles that indicate how to be happy as a couple!

How to be happy as a couple: growing together

The idea of ​​having to “progress”, of making efforts and progress to achieve happiness within the couple, that seems contradictory to the very idea of ​​love. In addition, happiness is an emotion that remains unrecognized, despite the multitude of articles devoted to it. If we listen to happy couples, we see that those who last are those who had the courage and the will to engage in this “work”. They did not give up at the first pitfall, at the first test, at the first dispute.

However, these efforts are only possible on one condition: to have found in the other the one who gives the envy, the desire to overcome the difficulties to stay together. And the cement which allows the cohesion of such a whole, that remains love.