How to develop a relationship of friendship in the couple?

It is important to remember that the stability and longevity of a couple depend on the ability of the spouses to cultivate a relationship of friendship. Friendship helps break boredom and routine. But there are rules to follow, a price to pay for it.

Rule # 1Make a sacrifice

No sincere and lasting friendship is possible without a voluntary sacrifice.

To transform the husband/wife relationship into a friendship relationship, here is what you will have to sacrifice:

  • your time to make yourself always available,
  • your rights to stop spending the time claiming, demanding, ordering
  • Your desires and wishes to give priority to those of your husband/wife become friend/friend.

Rule # 2: Listen

Best friends are those who know how to listen to themselves. Listening here is understood in all its forms. In addition to listening in verbal or oral communication, it is also necessary to know how to anticipate the needs, wishes, and desires of the other, even when these are not openly expressed.

Rule n ° 3open up

No friendship can develop if one of the partners remains a stranger, a stranger to the other. This is sometimes the case in marital relationships.

But true friends really know each other. Each one knows the history of the other, its joys, its failures, its successes, its projects, and its dreams.

These are the fundamental rules for creating a true friendship in the couple!