How to find your soul mate?

Finding a soul mate is a goal that many of us pursue. Besides, we all have our own personal vision of who would be the perfect person with whom we could share the rest of our lives. Whether she is the pure mirror of our personality, or on the contrary complements us with her differences, we all agree that it is very hard to find her. But, what we know less is that the real challenge remains to keep her by our side.

Either way, this lifelong goal has one main goal: to make us feel better. Better in our skin, in our life: because knowing that we have at our side a person who understands and supports us and a huge safety net that can give us the courage to accomplish all the follies, or quite simply to really flourish.

Who is this mysterious soul mate?

It is certainly one of the biggest questions we ask ourselves in our lifetime. Moreover, and according to the myth of Plato, each human being would be cut in two by Jupiter to punish us for having defied the gods. This division pushes us thereafter to take up the challenge of finding this half from which we were separated and which must complete us to live our life fully.

Personal development specialists have a slightly different idea, albeit very close to Plato’s. According to them, our soul mate and the half that corresponds to us in every way, and on all levels. In addition to being identical, two soul mates are above all complementary and therefore share a perfect compatibility which allows them to live happily and in full harmony.

10 tips to find your soul mate

Now on to the tips and steps to find your soul mate

Do you know to know what you want

Before you start looking for your soul mate, you must start by making a more or less precise robot portrait. We are not talking here about his physical characteristics but rather about the type of relationship you are looking for, the values ​​you want to have in common, or your two plans for the future.

And to define them, you must above all know yourself and know what you want. A close or rather free couple? A relationship that is built day by day or more structured?

Do not be fooled by appearances

In matters of love, the most important is not the physical but the character of the person. Yes, you must be physically attracted to your soul mate, but don’t be fooled by what you see from them at first glance.

Get to know her

To develop a healthy, sincere relationship, you need privacy. Create a progressive attachment that will allow the feeling of love to develop. And don’t base everything on immediacy and physical attraction.

Be open to meetings

Even if many French people find their other half at work , to find a soul mate, it is above all necessary to open up to others. This requires getting out of your comfort zone and a good sense of communication. Show that you care about others, because your soul mate will certainly need to feel listened to and understood.

Share your experiences, dreams and emotions, even if you don’t have to give it all away the first time you meet. In any case, be open to new encounters and approach them without preconceptions.

Make her comfortable

When you meet, it is important to be kind. The point isn’t to get her to have a professional interview, or have her tick the boxes of your perfect wife or man. Listen and do what you can to make her feel respected, and therefore at ease.

Put yourself in the conditions to make a meeting

Take care of yourself, whether it is physically or mentally. You want to look your best when you meet your soul mate.

Take a step back

They say you meet love when you least expect it. In reality, this supposes an emotional maturity, and a certain serenity. So don’t be feverishly expecting to meet your other half, just open to the possibility.

Consider body language

A meeting between two souls does not happen only through words. Our bodies also say a lot about our state of mind. Listen to her body language (the way she stands, the way she looks at you) to decipher her intentions.

Mourn your past relationships

To start a new story, it is very important to mourn your previous romantic failures, but also to learn from our mistakes to finally build a solid relationship. If you are constantly immersed in the past, how do you want to build a future together?

Forget your fantasies

Your soul mate is most likely not going to be Leonardo Dicaprio or Pamela Anderson lookalike, and that doesn’t detract from its value in any way. Do not be confused by canons of beauty, because they are not the ones who will make you happy. Rather, rely on the vitality and natural charm.

How to keep your soul mate

Once you find your soul mate, this is not the time to give up. Indeed, living with the person who suits us best does not mean making no effort or considering that their love is for you. If you really want to be fulfilled and live your love story serenely, you will also have to make a minimum of effort.

The first is to be open and to communicate. Because if you correspond in every way, you remain two distinct people, who can have misunderstandings. Speak up and listen to defuse conflict, and be on the same page.

Also, renew as much as possible these little touches that will make her or him feel good by your side. This is the secret to a fulfilling relationship that will make you feel better about your life.