Stressed couple, couple in danger!

Permanent arguments, routine, depression, difficulty with the children, feeling of emptiness… the stressors in the couple are numerous. And unfortunately, a stressed couple is often a couple on the verge of breaking up. What are the factors influencing stress in our relationship? How to remedy it and find happiness for two?

Stress factors in the couple

There are many factors that can create feelings of disenchantment within the couple. In order to confide your relationship problem to a professional, call a psychologist to better understand the sources of tension in your relationship. Having recourse to psychotherapy also makes it possible to find the best solutions to remedy marital stress. In the context of short therapies, the psychopractor is a practitioner in neurotherapies , who will use different techniques as needed, such as hypnosis and NLP. Among the main stressors in the couple, we find in particular the following.


Living with a cold, distant and insensitive partner is not always easy. Our partner’s lack of curiosity towards us deprives us of the feeling of being understood, supported and helped. Indifference concerns in particular:

  • what you really are
  • your feelings
  • what scares you
  • what you want
  • what concerns you
  • these obligations and constraints that you must assume alone, etc.

No reassuring word in case of difficulty in your professional or personal life, no sharing of emotions in the vagaries of life (illness, dismissal, death, etc.) … An indifferent partner often causes stress in the other. Indifference also translates into a detached and carefree attitude, no solidarity in the face of the reproaches of others … It imprints in you a feeling of helplessness and neglect.


With time and the routine that begins to set in, your partner can sometimes get slackened and slack . He or she then begins to take you for granted and makes less and less effort towards you. His words become coarse, his words want more and more contemptuous.

Your partner may also half-listen to you or fall into long silences, pretending you don’t exist. The negligence also results in certain things that your partner no longer. For example, he or she may no longer pay attention to you. It also results in mockery and taunting.

He or she no longer shows you respect, his or her interest in you deteriorates, and he or she no longer helps you. This causes you to feel humiliated and rejected and will cause stress in your relationship.

The requirement

A partner too demanding and ungrateful also part of the stress factors in the couple. Often, you have to be available all the time, stay attentive, be in love, be attractive, be punctual, participate in housework… However, your partner may not show you a word of gratitude.

Indeed, in some couples, the partner quickly gets what is offered to him as due. We then see no thanks or a tiny expression of gratitude. When one fails to recognize the other’s investment, commitment and effort, stress sets in. Sometimes the partner doesn’t care about the other’s presence. In this case, he may not even recognize the importance of the presence of his or her partner. Too much demand and very little, if any, recognition affects self-esteem and makes you feel useless.

Solutions to relieve stress in the couple

When your relationship is on the brink, you can try to work things out and mend the relationship instead of breaking up with your partner. Even though a lot of effort, energy, and great self-control is required, it is well worth it. How to save your marriage? Discover here our solutions to better cope with stress in your love life.

Call a psychopractor to better sift your relationship

The couple therapy is an excellent idea to save your relationship stress. Acting as a mediator between you and your partner, a professional in psychotherapy helps you to better identify the problems. The practitioner also teaches you how to optimize communication within your couple. Then each of you can better understand the needs of the other.

Calm down by moving away from each other for a weekend

When you are stressed, try to calm down first. Consider airing your mind so that you can see your relationship a little more clearly. For example, take the time to recharge your batteries by spending a few days with your friends.

Remember the good times

Sometimes stress blurs the good times we had in our relationship. To remedy this, take the time to remember the good times. Write down chronologically everything you love and what you liked about your romantic relationship.

Chat with his or her partner to clarify things

Pick a place where you can meet to talk to each other. Some like the tranquility of the house to “let go” in an open-hearted discussion . Others prefer a neutral place such as a restaurant or cafe. Either way, find a place that works for both of you to have a serious conversation .

Talk in a more zen way

Leave your pride aside when chatting with your partner. Speak in a soft, calm voice to make your sweetheart take your words seriously. Avoid blaming yourself at all costs and say it more tactfully. Instead of saying ‘you don’t care about me’, say instead ‘I don’t feel like my worries ever interest you, which makes me sad. “

Let your partner know that you love them or want to rekindle the flame of your love. Ask him about his feelings and emotions. Try to get him to talk. In case of bursts of reproach from him, do not get carried away and take a deep breath. Try to rephrase it tactfully to better understand your partner.