10 tips for a successful marriage

Marriage is one of the most special days for a couple. It must therefore be perfect – if we can say so. It takes a lot of preparation for the smooth running of the event and the satisfaction of the guests.

Here are 10 things you can do to make a wedding special.

See far together

Often times, it is the woman who is the most excited for this big day. But the idea that we consider that it is she who must organize everything is completely absurd. As it is a stage where we formalize love and life together, the project must be done together. Combine the ideas of Mademoiselle and Monsieur. To invest in two to obtain a result twice as good (or more).

Outside the exterior ideas!

During a marriage, parents want to put their money into it. They will perhaps help in financing the expenses; but let it stop there. They will inevitably suggest their opinion to you; but remain in control of your relationship and decide for yourself what you really want and what you need.

Establish a budget

Many months before the big day, you have to make an estimate to know the expenses to be made. We must therefore already set aside a budget. It could be modified until the arrival of the D-Day. Be very careful to take everything into account, from the caterer, to the reception room, including the  wedding decoration.

A good organization

Preparing for a wedding requires organization of the highest order. There are lots of things to do, like taking inventory of the guests and making the invitations, choosing the caterer and the location, getting the right dress, guaranteeing the decoration, renting a good orchestra, recording. the moment with photographers and videographers.

In order to ensure that nothing is missing and that each task is completed, everything should be noted down and ticked off as each activity is performed. Choose carefully the people who will help.

Briefing before the big day

Before the wedding in question, you must brief with the provider in order to finalize everything and be sure that everything has been done as the couple wants; and thus avoid misunderstandings and then blame the providers. Inspect everything in detail and fix what you don’t like.


Taking the right steps by timing each action before and during D-Day. Knowing your actions ahead of time will give you peace of mind. Share this timeline with your loved ones who will help oversee the event.

Calm your nerves

Marriage is a very stressful day for the couple. You have to get rid of all the nervousness by taking a good bath or being pampered in a spa, for example. A good nights sleep is also to be put on the list.


When the day arrives, the couple must help their loved ones so that everything is done well. It will then be necessary to give the order to have them perform their assigned task.

Enjoy the moment

Since it’s your day, enjoy the moment from start to finish, despite any small setbacks that might arise.

Share your happiness

Let your loved ones enjoy your happiness. This can be done by giving them little wedding keepsakes , like bracelets or little notes.