I miss my boyfriend

“We live in a long distance relationship and I miss my boyfriend . ” Many women go through such a situation and it is not easy to cope with this lack. Being in love is painful at times, and when the two halves are separated by the distance, dealing with your feelings, your need for the other, in a word, the lack, is very difficult.

How can we not suffer so much from this lack? How to live your life when you would like to be elsewhere, in the arms of your sweetheart? How do you make your relationship last when everything separates us and moments together are rare? Throughout this article, we will give you our advice on how to best manage this lack that is tearing you apart.

I miss my boyfriend: some solutions to fill this gap for two

Even though lack is a personal feeling, when you miss your man it is highly likely that this feeling is shared. You can then act in pairs to deal with it.

I miss him and I tell him

As in most dating situations, it is important not to forget to talk about it together. You form a team, a whole and communication is essential. Share your feelings with him, tell him about your lack . If anyone has the power to make you smile and make you want to, it’s him!
Telling her about your lack can push you both to put everything in order to see each other again as soon as possible . Several hundred kilometers separate you and you are not supposed to see each other for several weeks but too bad, direction the station to take the next train and organize an unexpected meeting.

You can, for example, decide to meet halfway and meet again for a few hours.
Unfortunately, this won’t always be possible and many times, despite your lack, your man wo n’t be able to do anything about it. You shouldn’t summarize your conversation as “I miss you” or harass him with text messages or calls. But every now and then, telling her could be a game-changer for both of you.

Organize your reunion

You only have one thing in mind and you have trouble thinking of anything else: your reunion! You need to find him and you know this moment will be just perfect because you will be with him. You probably already know when you will meet again, the return is already planned and you are looking forward to it.
Rather than patiently waiting for your reunion without doing anything, plan it !

Don’t just go meet him on the station platform and come home. Prepare for a dream reunion to make up for lost time! Whether it is by giving him a surprise and organized for two, you must make each return magical and unforgettable, with its share of surprises.

Preparing for a reunion is very good to put aside the lack. You only think about the positive, at a moment that will be full of happiness and that will give you back all the energy that you lack when it is absent. It is also a good way to give yourself a goal , a goal. You know that after your 2 intense weeks of exams, far from each other, you will meet again, and not just any old way. Even if the motivation is not there during the exam period, you keep the goal in mind, in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This will only intensify your reunion!

Every moment spent together must be a dream

You don’t have the chance to enjoy everyday life together, your moments together are rare and you only want to enjoy it! More than any couple, if you don’t have the opportunity to spend a lot of time together, each meeting is going to have to be unforgettable . What could be more frustrating than being alone and thinking that we could have done this or that together but that we didn’t think about it, and now it’s too late.

The lack and frustration will be all the stronger and more painful if you don’t feel like you are living your relationship to the fullest. A couple living together quickly let the routine in, you can’t afford to do as much when your routine is absence. If even together it’s not intense, not wonderful, not exceptional every time you see each other, you will suffer all the more.

Create you unforgettable memories every time you see each other. Go outside, take advantage of all the possibilities available to you and do not miss any possibility of seeing you. If you get the chance to see each other for a few hours, go for it, don’t let an opportunity pass you would regret it, especially when you will miss him dearly. Enjoying each moment together will of course be necessary when you see each other, but it will lessen the frustration and regret when you are apart. It is a way to fight against the lack even before it is present.

Lacking is a very painful feeling, especially in long distance relationships. It is difficult to have to live daily away from the person with whom we want to share our life. We would like her to be there with each step we take, but instead, only the lack accompanies us. It is possible to fight against this lack thanks to these different methods. Everyone will also find their own way to cope with it as best they can. Despite all this, the lack will always be present and we will have to deal with it. Live your relationship with your boyfriend intensely, and keep in mind that one day the situation will change and you will finally be reunited! Never lose sight of that, it will give you an even more powerful goal than reunion.