Why does a man cut off communication and run away?

Why does a man wallow in silence and not want to communicate? How can you communicate successfully when your companion goes into “bear” mode and doesn’t want to talk? What are the tips for dialoguing in your relationship when nothing is going well?

When you are in a relationship you can sometimes have to face important issues, especially when things haven’t been going well for some time. This is exactly what you are going through right now!

Find out why a man can act in this way and especially the reaction to have to recreate attraction in him.

Beginning of relationship: Why is he not giving any more news?

You had a pair solid for months or years. At least that’s the memory you keep of it. You dreamed of a beautiful love story together. But things turned out differently. Indeed, it has been several days since the gentleman disappeared from circulation. Not a word, no sign of life. There is necessarily an explanation! It is as if he has become a stranger.

First option possible. He hesitates, he reflects, some men are very hesitant and slow to take decisions. Sometimes they need a little time to get started. The relationship is getting serious and he has trouble fully embracing it.

Another option is that he is not ready to commit. There are many men who fear commitment. What phase of his life is he in? In your conversations, perhaps you have been able to detect certain things?

For example, if he kept talking about his work, he would tell you that he was very busy at the moment, etc … Without a doubt, couple relationships are not his priority at the moment. He had a great time with you, but the timing is bad and he can’t see himself considering any more just yet.

He may also have a routine problem. Indeed, when the relationship lasts, we tend to always do the same thing, to always have the same activities. This situation, although he is just as responsible, pushes him to take some distance. For the moment, he no longer wishes to share what he has on his mind and therefore cuts off communication.

How do I get him to answer me?

How to react when a man does not give any more news? The first thing to do is banish harassment from your mind. There’s no point in getting yourself into repeated calls or text messages.

There is nothing better to push him to distance himself even further or to permanently scare him away. You surely know the expression “ Follow me I run away from you, run away from me I follow you ”! It is perfectly suited here.

He doesn’t give you any news, don’t hunt him down. Above all, you shouldn’t sound like a desperate person.

Don’t scare her by showing her too much importance all at once. Above all, don’t try big declarations of love. Your overload of emotions, could be perceived as a lack of balance in your life. If you show yourself too much in demand on the one hand, he may have arguments to stay away but above all you will suffer even more.

He might think that you are a pushy woman who expects too much from a man . And that starting or taking over something with you would be too complicated. If you do n’t hear from overnight, your best bet is to let the pressure drop for a few days.

If you call too early, even if you use the right words, he may still be in the same state of mind. Let’s not forget one important thing, you also need to get better. You have to take your time to feel better from a more personal point of view.

If he doesn’t respond, don’t insist! Optionally, you can easily leave a voicemail message telling him that you hope he is doing well and calling to check on him.

To get away from focusing on him or his absence, keep your mind busy. Go out, see your friends, play sports. Do not stay at home glued to your phone and jump when it rings.

Before you knew him, you had a life. Find her! Focus on your job, your family. Do things you love to do. Take care of yourself, do yourself good, go get pampered in a beauty salon. Go shopping and get yourself a cool new outfit.

In this little moment of doubt, self-confidence will be your greatest weapon. Knowing your potential for seduction will allow you to overcome your apprehensions about this man. Because if you have in mind that you can seduce. You will no longer be stuck on this possible disappointment.

When his silence and his distance persist, we can then directly address the couple’s problems. Face to face would have been a better solution, but sometimes you have to provoke fate. We can therefore send him a message, whether it is an email or a letter in which we provide solutions to the problem, we no longer ask for news, we speak directly about the reasons for his silence.