Good jealousy, bad jealousy: how to tell the difference


For a couple to work, you need jealousy in them. If neither of them is jealous in the relationship then there is a great chance that your love is not so deep and sincere. But on the other hand, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is excessively too jealous then nothing works. You are no longer free, you feel observed and judged with each action you do, in short, it is a nightmare. Here are some examples of good and bad jealousy:


Good jealousy is the jealousy that your man or your woman may have on a daily basis. It’s healthy jealousy. Without it, it more or less means that your man doesn’t care what you do, who you hang out with, etc …

If your boyfriend isn’t jealous for example when another guy watches you or hisses at you in the street, it may just be that he doesn’t love you anymore.

Here is a list of behaviors that represent good jealousy:

  • Your boyfriend is looking at you jealously when you give another guy a friendly hug. If he doesn’t, it’s because he doesn’t necessarily care a lot about you.
  • Your boyfriend asks you where you are. He wants to know what you are doing and who you are with. There is nothing weird.
  • It asks you who is calling you or sends you a text message. You don’t necessarily have to show him, but it’s normal that he is curious about who is texting you late at night.
  • He tells you your boyfriends should be jealous of him because you are his girlfriend
  • He gets a little possessive when another guy watches you or puts his hand around your shoulders or your hips for example.
  • He looks at your Facebook wall to see who you’re talking to and what you’re doing.


Then there is bad jealousy. The one that eats away at your relationship. The one that will make you doubt, annoy you, and ultimately lead to divorce.

It is important that you can detect this bad jealousy. The line between good and bad jealousy is fine, so you have to be careful and discuss your feelings with your partner.

  • When your guy tries to make you feel guilty about going to a bar without him because you are obviously going to get picked on. Not OK!
  • He asks you where you are and shows up unexpectedly to check. A sign that he doesn’t trust you.
  • It reads your emails and SMS behind your back. Another sign that his trust in you is no longer enough.
  • He tells you the only reason your boyfriends go to parties with you is to hit on you.
  • He punches a guy who is watching you in the street. More respect, too much hate.
  • He asks you to change your skirt because it shows your legs too much. You are his object just to him and whatever you think.

Please share this list with your friends. It is often easier for you to see the difference between good and bad jealousy.

Sharing this list is a good way to open the eyes of a friend who has problems with jealousy in her relationship but who may not be aware of it on her own. Be a good friend and help her.