20 signs your man will be a good father

Have you always wondered if your boyfriend would be a good father to your children? It is often hard to know him before you have the reality in front of you: a baby. But in the meantime, here is a list of twenty signs that I consider important to know if your man will be a good dad or not.

  1. He takes care of himself. He is always clean and pays attention to his style.
  2. He doesn’t post shirtless photos of himself on Facebook
  3. He is the best when it comes to organizing an event or a vacation.
  4. Your friends are jealous when she talks about your boyfriend
  5. He enjoys taking photos and making videos. It will be perfect to keep a memory of the important events of your children.
  6. He’s not afraid to get dirty to fix something that’s not working or work hard.
  7. He knows how to cook and his diet is exemplary: He does not spend his lunchtime at McDonald’s and he eats vegetables.
  8. He doesn’t come home drunk at 2 a.m.
  9. He’s comfortable around kids and you even caught him talking to them with his weird voice like they’re babies.
  10. He is not permanently tired and if he has to go to bed late one night, he will not sleep in for a week. Perfect for his role as a father when baby wakes up at night.
  11. He can watch hot or bad movies with you and pretend he’s not bored. Perfect when it comes to watching Disney cartoons with your children.
  12. He knows how to manage his family life and his professional life. That means he won’t be the type of father who never manages to free himself to go and see their child play their first football game.
  13. He has a dog or a cat and he knows how to take care of it. It’s not the same as being a real baby’s daddy, but still.
  14. He is good at explaining how things work or how to succeed in life. It will be useful for the education of your children.
  15. He is tolerant and open-minded. It will be less of a problem when your kids are teenagers and there is a new fashion.
  16. His testicles are small. A priori, researchers have shown that that makes a man a good father.
  17. Children like him and want to play with him or have him read stories to them.
  18. He already shares chores around the house. He doesn’t leave you alone to do the dishes, the cleaning and the cooking. Good parents should know how to help each other and share the tasks.
  19. He knows how to adapt when there is a last minute change of plan. This will happen a lot with a baby and you want your man to know how to react to being a good father.