Marrying your best friend: a good or bad idea

We have all heard of these people who marry their best friends. They met when they were in kindergarten and they have been inseparable since that day. They share hundreds of secrets and know their partner inside out.

But is it really a good idea to marry your best friend? To put it simply: YES. But inevitably there are disadvantages.


For me the answer is obvious: He is your best friend. This means that for several years now you have proven yourself compatible, you share the same passions and you know each other by heart.
As best friends you already share all your worries of everyday life and your loves.
You will never need to look for activities to do as a couple to fill your dull moments , simply because they are nonexistent.

Good, so you’re comfortable with your partner, you know how to have fun and have a good time together. These are two ingredients of a successful romantic relationship. The third: trust.

As best friends, you’ve already learned to trust yourself. You can talk about everything without worrying about the other making fun of you or sharing your secret with their office mates. Like your family, your best friend is without one of the people you can trust the most.


This list of pros and cons is going to be completely unbalanced with so many advantages and disadvantages of marrying your best friend.

He knows you by heart

Your best friend knows you by heart, for the simple reason that you’ve spent all your evenings and weekends together for some time. And the best thing is, your little quirks don’t scare her. It doesn’t matter if your favorite singer was Lorie when you were in college.

Your relationship can stand up to anything

Do not hide it from you, everything will not be pink flower in your romantic relationship. It happens that there are hard times. But the advantage of being in a relationship with your friend is that your (friendly) relationship has already gone through hard times and you did very well. You know you can stay together even through tough times.

You already know his friends and family

Ahhh the beautiful family. This “package” which arrives at the same time as your husband or your wife. The truth is, it’s not easy to love your beautiful family. And it’s the same with his friends. Is he a friend of heavy heavyweights who spend their Saturday night in front of the Canal + watching football? With your best friend as a spouse, you have no nasty surprises waiting for you. You have already met his friends and family and you have already grown to love them.

They know how to comfort you

A friend is someone you turn to when times are tough and you need someone to make you smile. How lucky, this friend is already there by your side and knows how to cheer you up in seconds …

You can trust yourself

A friend will never betray you and beware of all the secrets you tell him. You can now cross this quality off the list of your expectations for your ideal husband. Your friend is someone you can trust.

You work well together

No matter what projects you’ve done, you and your friend are a great couple, and they work really well together. Remember when you had to do this project together at school, or when you participated in this charity together.


Of course, as with everything, there are downsides to marrying your friend, but there are so few that they can almost be forgotten.

Even friendly relations can die out

Even though you swore to each other to be lifelong best friends when you were in college, it’s possible that as you grow older you realize that you have different interests.

You are not necessarily attracted to each other

You shouldn’t have made love to your best friend. It is often a bad idea. It’s also possible that you think of him as a big brother and the idea of ​​having s**x with him may not be obvious. It can be a blocking element in your romantic relationship.

They know you too well

If you already know what is his favorite song, film, and favorite color, what else is there for you to discover about your future husband or wife? Being too close for too long already is one of the drawbacks of marrying your best friend.